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  1. tamugrad2013

    Do You Like Your Edge?

    My Edge was enjoyable for the most part when I first got it, but I had one that had many many more issues than normal. I am still trying to sell it. It was overall very comfortable to drive and fit me well, but I do not regret moving on. I have had two bad experiences with cars from American Brands (Chevy and Now Ford). I find it humorous that both of my cars from American car companies were built in Canada, and the first car I have ever owned from a Japanese manufacturer was built in Indiana. Strange world it is.
  2. tamugrad2013

    2012 Ford Edge Limited Ecoboost For Sale

    Price has been lowered to 9,500 great first car for kids or even a small family.
  3. tamugrad2013

    Gas tank recall?

    Outback is not direct injection as it will not gain it until the 2020 Model Year.
  4. tamugrad2013

    2012 Ford Edge Limited Ecoboost For Sale

    Bump 11,500 OBO
  5. tamugrad2013

    2012 Ford Edge Limited Ecoboost For Sale

    Thank You I haven't had any hits yet but it has only been on Autotrader for 1 week. It still rides good, but I will say I am loving the Subaru thus far.
  6. tamugrad2013

    2013 Edge speedometer needle moving bacwards.

    I had this problem start to occur about two months before the battery had to be replaced. It is one of the many signs of when the battery is going bad. I would have the battery tested and see what is said before it leaves you stranded. If it is over three years old it may be time to replace it.
  7. I am selling my 2012 Ford Edge Limited Ecoboost so if you know anyone interested you can view the Autotrader ad below. It is available in the Odessa, TX area. https://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/vehicledetails.xhtml?listingId=514893831&zip=79762&referrer=%2Fcars-for-sale%2Fsearchresults.xhtml%3Fzip%3D79762%26sortBy%3Drelevance%26incremental%3Dall%26firstRecord%3D0%26marketExtension%3Don%26modelCodeList%3DEDGE%26makeCodeList%3DFORD%26searchRadius%3D50&numRecords=25&firstRecord=0&modelCodeList=EDGE&makeCodeList=FORD&searchRadius=50&makeCode1=FORD&modelCode1=EDGE&clickType=listing
  8. tamugrad2013

    Moving On

    It is a 2012 with the Ecoboost engine not AWD. It was nice with tech and everything, but I have never really enjoyed how the transmission felt.
  9. tamugrad2013

    Moving On

    Warranty is part of it, but how much work it needed when it was warranted was a big part of it as well. The fact that the transmission is still just not quite right also scares me quite a lot as well.
  10. tamugrad2013

    Moving On

    Good Evening, Unless something goes wonky in the next 24 hours I will be the proud new owner of 2017 Subaru Outback 2.5 I with 29,000 Miles. I am going to sell my Edge so if I can get any suggestions on selling the car please let me know. I loved the way the car ran and how smooth it was. I will still be around here until I get the car sold and will most likely still pop in once in awhile. I can't express how gracious I am for y'alls help over the last 5 and a half years. It was just to good of a deal to pass up.
  11. tamugrad2013

    Steering Wheel Cover

    The sun has not been kind to my steering wheel although the rest of the dash still looks immaculate (color me confused) and I am looking for a well fitting steering wheel cover that does not have to be sewn on but still looks rather nice. I would prefer to go with one color that is very similar to the grey color on the OEM steering wheel. Any suggestions would be appreciated and amazon would be preferred. Thanks in advance.
  12. tamugrad2013

    Am I Crazy or Could This Be Done Safely

    Maybe reversing the order would be best thanks dkbrandi87 and I know people drive many more miles than this, but my Edge has been kind of temperamental at times.
  13. tamugrad2013

    Am I Crazy or Could This Be Done Safely

    Good Afternoon, I am starting to make some Summer vacation plans and I am thinking about taking another long road trip, but this would be the longest yet. I want to drive from Odessa, TX to Redwoods National Park in California. Just some prelim information it is about 1800 mile trip one way which I would break up over 4 or 5 days. I would also spend about 7 days there and in the surrounding area and then drive back home over 4 or 5 days along a different route. On the way their I would basically take I-20 and I-10 to California and then the roads that run North/South in California around LA and Oakland/San Fransisco up to the National Park. On the way back I would take a route that would take me through Las Vegas down till I hit I-40 and then head west until I get to Albuquerque. I do not mind driving at all, but I do worry about the mileage on my Edge because it has at the moment 104,777 miles by the time this summer gets her I would expect it to have around 107,000 miles on it and this trip would add another 5,000 easily. Before anyone suggests it flying is not an option. I absolutely hate flying and to me the journey is half of the adventure. The last long trip I went on put about 3,100 miles on my car in the span of 9 days and their was no incidents with the car along the way then again the biggest city I encountered on that trip was Denver. One reason I choose Redwoods National Park is because it is further North and I would be close to Oregon so I can knock that state off my list as well as Arizona and California. I would also be able to visit the Pacific Ocean and then I would have seen both the Atlantic and the Pacific. So am I crazy or does this sound like a fun adventure. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  14. Well when my backup camera stopped showing guidelines it required a replacement camera which mine was covered under my extended warranty and I believe the consensus has been that it is not a software update or bug in the software, but an issue with the actual camera. I am not sure if replacement cameras are built differently but I have had no issues since getting mine replaced in 2015.
  15. tamugrad2013

    Edge ST MPG

    I don't recall seeing any information regarding the EDGE ST but I believe the general consensus is that MPG will vary and will settle into the normal range after the break-in period. I do also wonder if you have reset the Gauge. I reset the MPG gauge every fill-up on my 2012 Ecoboost. I also would say that taking and calculating the mileage my hand by taking miles driven over amount of gas put in is a much more accurate calculation.