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  1. Is Flood Ford the discount dealer of choice for ESP or are there others. Getting an '18 Fusion Hybrid in a few days and want the ESP Price in my pocket before I do all the paper work. Thanks
  2. bcultra

    Door Hinge Noise ?

    There was a similar post on a Facebook Edge forum that referenced this part: https://www.getoemparts.com/oem-parts/ford-door-check-at4z7823552a?origin=pla&gclid=CjwKCAjw_MnmBRAoEiwAPRRWW2Q_WmO4JL6gaqcR2gNriqEkz2rVyxOiCO5FTZz4jShgrEOJ34meqBoC_HYQAvD_BwE&fbclid=IwAR2grCS4Br3IvqPmToM6aXdgsxW6YbQlFPDMT0-T7HWMeYMoiIV76uH7ZE4 Might solve the issue.
  3. Running around town today made a few stops. Came back out to car, appx. 20 minutes and radiator fan was running (car was off). Not sure how long it ran as I did not take notice when I went in. 2nd stop turned car off fan continued to run, Not using AC or heat. Ambient temp appx. 50* f. Came back out after 20-30 min fan still running. Made 1 more stop but used AC as radiant sun heated up car interior. Turned off car Fan ran a few seconds then stopped. Am concerned that this is indicative of the coolant temp sensor going but no codes indicated. Is this a known issue? Anyone else experience this? 2017 SE 2.0 27k miles.
  4. Looking for video walkthrough of PTO service on a 2017 with 2.0. have checked you tube No joy. Plenty of videos but no 2017 (although perhaps a 2016 would work). Any other web sites, or tech forums out there? Thanks
  5. Yes, that is what I was referring to.
  6. Looking for ideas, installs, pictures of fog lights on 2017 +/- model year. saw the install with the bezel replacement but don’t really want to go to that extreme. Thanks
  7. I'm considering a 2017 Edge SE AWD 2.0 Engine. No real upgrades, Pretty Basic Certified Pre-Owned. 21K miles. Previously I had a '10 Edge SEL 6 cyl. Any known issues with the 17 or the AWD version I should be aware of? Thanks