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  1. No that is not a picture of my lights. I posted a picture that was similar to what was being used as a reference for determining if a swap should occur. I did take some pictures of the tail lights when it was foggy but it was really hard to tell from the images. I actually did not take pictures of it when it started to bead up because at that point I had just taken it into ford. So with that owner manual, what is the benefits of having head or tail lamps that accommodate changing air pressure? I don't understand the purpose of it. Is this something every vehicle does? If so, I'm curious why not use the same design/technology as the other Fords? I have a 14 explorer and never had an issue with condensation, or any of my cars. This is the first time I had this issue.
  2. It seems like this problem has carried over to the 2019 Edge. Noticed that there was some foggy lenses on all four tail lights a couple of days ago. Later in the day yesterday , I thought I would recheck and it actually turned into water drops beading inside the lens. I ended up going to Ford and they said this was acceptable. For an SUV that is not even 7 days into ownership, it's not a great feeling. It seems that the dealership actually has a picture guide to what is acceptable and when it should be changed. I happen to see the images of when it should be changed and it is insane. It's to the point where there is so much water inside that it doesn't seem realistic that anyone would wait for it to get that bad. I found an image that resembles some of the guided pictures on when to change head lights/tail lights.
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    2019 Edge LED tail lights

    Well that's great.
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    2019 Edge LED tail lights

    Thanks all for the reply. So the image of the SEL is not on auto and those are how they actually illuminate. In the trunk area, the only part that actually functions is the middle clear area for the reverse lights. Everything thing else is dead. Even the clear area on top that is separate doesn't light up. I would think it would be integrated with the turn signal. Not sure if this is different in the other models. The SEL does have full LED but I guess they have much less LEDs then the Titanium and ST if it is true that the tails need to be replaced. @Nick Halstead how do you know the prices? My finance worked at Ford and comes by monthly to help them with paper work. She has good relations and she is going to ask about parts. Also curious if it is all the same harnessing I don't put much miles on my Edge and I actually have not drove it at night yet just because I work and do everything by the time it gets dark. The only reason I found out about this is because for the first time yesterday I saw the new Edge on the road riding along a friend's care at night. I knew the trim because of the rims and when I saw the tail lights passed by I knew it wasn't the way I thought it illuminated.
  5. Does anyone know if the edge all have the same taillights, but maybe have a different forscan setting? I have an SEL and was disappointed that the LED taillights are actually different from the Titanium and ST in lighting up. There is no mention about the tails being different between trims on the site or brochure. It just says that LED tails are standard and did not seem upgradable. They all look exactly the same and wouldn’t think to check that they where different in lighting up. At least the headlights visually look different and the site/brochure mentions what packages and trims give you upgrades in the headlight lighting/DRL. There are very few images I seen that show the SEL taillights on, but managed to find one dealer that shows them. Titanium SEL