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  1. daggertats

    oil change

    yeah after taking it off not only did i realize it probablyl helped with the aerodynamics but theres a ton of stuff under there that itll off some protection to, thanks
  2. daggertats

    oil change

    i did a search and couldnt find an answer. ive got a 2019 edge with the 2.0 ecoboost in it. i was about to do my first oil change and noticed you have to remove the big plastic shield underneath. thats fine but has anyone left it off afterward to make the next change easier or is it recommended to leave this shield in place and just take it off each time? thanks in advance
  3. daggertats

    clicking, tapping noise

    I have the exact same rattle......identical on my 2019 titanium. didn't notice it till one day when I was outside the vehicle with it running. this thread has been very helpful. thanks to all who had input, after our trip I still might have the dealer check it just for piece of mind. not that I dot believe anyone but god forbid something went wrong and they say well you should have had us check it. fyi our edge has 1300 miles
  4. daggertats

    2018 Edge Aftermarket Options

    head over to crutchfields website. you can search what your looking for there and itll give you the accessories your need . a lot of the vehicles with steering wheel controls need different harnesses etc to keep the steering wheel buttons functioning. crutchfield also has a great tech support dept for any questions you may have
  5. daggertats


    I finally got around to cleanin up the edge and takin a few pics that some have asked for. I took a pic of the weather tech mat . it fits a lot better than that gap in the pic shows. I didn't have them hooked properly to the pegs on the floor. enjoy
  6. daggertats

    2018 edge SEL water on pass floor

    should it not still be under warranty since its that new of a vehicle?
  7. hello...…..my truck has had Sirius xm in it since it was bought new in 2011. we recently purchased a new edge and it included a trial of Sirius xm. naturally Sirius keeps sending me emails to add this new vehicle to my Sirius account. they claim a family discount of up to 35 percent. anyone have Sirius in more than one vehicle and what sort of discounts are you getting?
  8. daggertats

    Aftermarket Radio

    anytime I bought a radio from crutchfield they always had a wiring harness that would plug into the factory harness on a vehicle then you could wire in the new radio without cutting any factory wire harnesses
  9. daggertats

    new in nc

    oh man you just reminded me I also had a 94 probe. I loved that car till some woman pulled out right in front of me. when the weather breaks ill take a cpl pics and post them in a new thread. don't have any stang pics. that was back in polaroid days....lol
  10. daggertats

    new in nc

    we still have her 2006 escape . my first car was a 66 stang and I had a 2003 b3000 mazda which was basically a ford ranger.
  11. daggertats

    new in nc

    hi folks....the wife and I become owners of a 2019 edge titanium a cpl weeks ago. so far we are loving it . looking forward to reading and participating in the forum instead of just lurking like ive been.