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    Just got 2019 ST

    Sorry I shouldn’t say chrome but rather painted plastic. The front emblem and rear car tags that say EDGE, SPORT and ECOBOOST. Ive already replaced the puddle lights and license plate lights with LEDs from Drive Bright. https://drivebright.com/shop/v4-extreme-led-puddle-light-pack-brightest/ really a noticeable difference in the lights now.
  2. Fregans

    Just got 2019 ST

    Congrats! How does she drive? I feel I jumped the shark getting my fully loaded 2018 Sport back in June but I love the car. Saving up to dip the chrome parts and add ceramic tint all around to murder out the beast. Any pics of yours?
  3. Fregans

    Fog Lights

    Hey Head, how goes your customization? I myself am looking into this type of upgrade circled the same spot on mine and wanted to know your outcome. Really shocked there isn’t anything aftermarket to plug and play here. Ideally getting an HID in the current Parking LED and a smaller fog/turn below the parking LED would be nice.
  4. Fregans

    Edge fan

    Welcome and yeah let’s see some photos!! Pics or it didn’t happen.
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    Welcome and good luck on your search.
  6. Fregans

    20180612 190937

    Thanks! It looks great, wondering how I would retro fit it into the 2018 Sport grill with the front camera assembly.
  7. Fregans

    20180612 190937

    How did this affect the front camera and the automatically adjusting front baffles from the original grill?
  8. Fregans

    Hello from SoCal - 2018 Edge Sport

    Some more from the day we picked her up. My wife named her Roxanne, no more red lights for us!!
  9. Just wanted to introduce myself. Purchased a new 2018 Sport fully loaded back in June. Have really enjoyed the vehicle and it’s ability to Make road trips so easy. Really like getting back to a sport anything after driving an 06 Civic Coup for 12 years. Car is leased and under warranty so looking for some ideas on modifications I can make without breaking any of that. Currently only Ford OEM accessories added to the vehicle. Front deflector, complete side window deflectors, front and rear mud flaps, rear bumper guard, cargo floor cover. Some of the things I’d like to do: - tint windows more - add tow hitch - dip “chrome” parts in black - add wi-if capability - allow video to be played on the OEM screen from media Looking forwatd to being a part of this community.