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  1. rwf78155

    20180612 190937

    would be easy to make a mount that fit between the O and R and paint the mount black. The letters are about an inch thick so a mound could be made to attach to them IMO
  2. rwf78155

    20180612 190937

    I had mine painted black as it actually comes grey/color of the FORD letters. I removed the letters and had a body shop paint it black when they were painting a wrecked black Ford Police Explorer I do not have the front camera and has had no effect on the cooling system.
  3. rwf78155

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    Problem solved........
  4. rwf78155

    Car theft experiences?

    My friend put a whipple on his Shelby Mustang and a set of headers........then he kicked butt on a Dodge Demon at the drag strip
  5. rwf78155

    Car theft experiences?

  6. rwf78155

    Pirelli tires with rim protection

    All the new 2019 Edge ST's with 21 inch tires had Z rated P Zero's with rim protection built onto them
  7. rwf78155

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    I had those but they got stolen while I was at the MLK celebration and parade !
  8. rwf78155

    ST gets horrible review

    ST Model should have 400hp at a minimum. Went and drove a new one and it was no faster then my 2018 Edge Sport I did like the new shift knob, the Pirelli tires with curb rash protection, and the improved Stereo system. As far as the new look.........could have been better by lowering the ST model, and quad exhaust tips
  9. rwf78155

    too many forums

    A Ford change of badges, a new grill, and a few other minor upgrades creates a new forum....PLEASE, get real !
  10. rwf78155

    HID Headlights?

    Sylvania ZXE bulbs are awesome replacements
  11. rwf78155

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    No rim protection on the tires........scuffed one with curb rash and cost me $150 to fix. I noticed the new Edge ST with 21 inch Pirelli's (the tires in the picture) have rim protection......They are also ZR rated Pirelli's
  12. rwf78155

    Arrived at dealer!

    What's that white stuff on the tires ........ gonna be 70 degrees here in San Antonio today
  13. Doubled the brightness ..... The ONLY problem I even noticed were people in oncoming traffic would flash me to go to Low beam when in fact I already was !
  14. rwf78155

    Pirelli tires with rim protection

    Went back and looked...... Pirelli P Zero tires but ZR 21's