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  1. irvin

    2013 3.5 spark plug recommendations

    LTR6AHX ?
  2. what do you use for long life and best usage? motorcraft, ngk-platinum, iridium ? thanks for any info.
  3. can a 820s filter be used on a 3.5 ? would give a little more capacity. gasket size and center threads look the same as a 500.
  4. will ford bring out a navigation card beyond the A10 ? anyone know when it might be ? thank you !--irv
  5. installed the nightbreaker bulbs today. will find out in a little while while if they are worth it. i didnt know the low and high beams are controlled by a shutter system till today, when i heard it. i have a can am spyder rts with this arrangement. will have a verdict tomorrow.
  6. the only specs i found was on a review. low and high beam specs listed cool blue- 720 and 1320 laser 1310 and 1610 havent found a good enough price to switch yet. when i have the h/ls out i might try shimming the left one out just a little to the left just an fyi-sylvania is a part of the osram network. some of their bulbs are actually osram.
  7. not really wanting blue tint bulbs. the lasers seem to have far better specs, especially on low beams.
  8. irvin

    Replace Logo 2013 Edge

    easy job
  9. irvin

    side plastic air deflectors

    my thought too, but i live inthe snow, rust capital of America. its called nw illinois. it gonna catch and collect a lot of crap that you cant reach from the car wash. have to take one off and see. i only have a midrise lift at the shop instead of a 2 post , so i cant look in from the middle.
  10. i have a 13 edge limited with the xenon factory h/l's[d3s] have them adjusted as good as they can get per factory adjustment[up and down only] . would the night breaker laser ds3's be any better. im not going to try any exotic setups, just am reading the lighting upgrade specs on these bulbs. thanks for any input.--irv
  11. irvin

    side plastic air deflectors

    no, im talking about the long plastic runners along both rockers [around 5 feet long held in by push retainers. 12-18" wide.almost like an underbody closeout. some one must have seen these under their car.
  12. irvin

    under engine splash shield push rivets

    any auto parts store should have them . i buy them im box of 50 . i get the mid length for most of the jobs at the shop.
  13. irvin

    side plastic air deflectors

    not for aerodynamics and mileage ? how about snow and salt gathering in the winter?
  14. there are plastic air redirectors under the l &r rocker areas. in your opinions, do they make a mileage dfference or do they just collect crap? anyone taken them off? gonna drop them and the rear wheel liners to clean and rustproof. any help on this ? is much appreciated. just bought a '13 awd limited with 40,000. first edge. have changed ptu and it looks good. anything else i should look at? thank you !! irv