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  1. I recently acquired a 2016 edge se CPO and wanted black wheels and grill on a budget , I chose to go with a basic mat black plasti dip, however I did take the time to remove the wheels and center caps from the vehicle as well as the front bumper with the grill still attached. I taped off all of the chrome and the Ford emblem so I could just dip the slats black. I must say after the proper prep work it turned great, first time using plasti dip and I like it, hopefully it will hold up for a while. Here is the before and after
  2. Pettycash

    Hitch for Sport

    the cheapest thing to do is install a factoryish hitch for the lesser models and have a tech try to adjust/ move the sensors. If you don't it will block the sensor most of the way, at least on a factory hitch