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  1. It isn’t an engine braking issue or holding the car back with manual shifters wouldn’t work either. It is the inability to hold the transmission in a lower gear and hold it there. I drove an Edge at a dealership with the paddles and it held the car back just fine. I haven’t looked at all the automatics out there in 2019, but have driven several which have traditional manual lower gear configurations.
  2. It should be similar but it is not. The s mode won’t hold you back much at all.
  3. My wife purchased her 2019 Edge FWD and her mind was set, so I basically went along for the ride since it was her car. However, I feel sheepish that I didn’t research the car better for when we drive mountain roads in the summer. The inability to hold that car back on steep grades without riding the brakes is a safety issue in my book and I have notified the NHTSA. It is a major engineering gaffe and unacceptable. I tried to contact Ford but was unable to speak with anyone who could speak English understandably. Unbelievable. I have contacted two two dealerships and one where I know several people. They confirmed that is it not a car for the mountains. Strictly a flatlander’s car. For the record, I have played with it trying all kinds of things. In “s” mode if you brake below 20 mph you can get a tiny amount of engine braking. Hey, I have driven in the mountains for nearly 60 years including towing a 14000 pound 5er behind my 2000 Powerstroke. On it., I had to install an exhaust brake. Maybe that is what we need on this Edge. Lol. Inept engineering Ford!!!