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  1. Thanks for the reply. Very strange! Wonder why I can't browse then. I have tried different flash drives and different file structures but no go. Yet it all worked before the update.
  2. I have a 2019 Edge Titanium and since it was "upgraded" from Sync 3 to 3.4 I can't browse the USB flash drive. All my music is on the USB and all I can do is play it sequentially. I used to be able to browse by artist, album, genre, etc. but now all it says is "browsing not available" and it does this stopped or moving. Called Ford and they were no help. The dealer can't fix it so what now? Has anyone else had this problem?
  3. I couldn't agree with you more. The right side is useless... what a waste as so much more could have been done as you have pointed out. I just don't understand how these programming engineers can miss the mark on something that one would think is common sense and really is so simple to program in. When I first picked up my 2019 Edge Titanium I was really disappointed with the lack of "thought" from Ford.
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    TSB Update for transmission

    Thanks for posting.
  5. tk2fast

    TSB Update for transmission

    Ugh! That's all I can say. Thanks for the heads up.
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    TSB Update for transmission

    Did not know there were TSB'S on this. Thanks, that's good to know and my dealer made no mention of it when it was in for the headlight fix recently. I am not surprised though as I live in a small town of 17K so I might have to go to the next dealer over a hundred miles away. My build date was in November.
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    TSB Update for transmission

    I also would like to know what Ford is doing about this shifting issue on the 2019 Edge 8 speed. This is really disappointing for a 50K vehicle. Come on Ford, buck up and fix this. Oh, guess your too busy with the Aviator. Yes, I know... sarcastic. I'm just fed up with the lack of customer support from Ford or should I say NO customer support. I had an issue with my FCA Jeep product and after having the issue part replaced by an independent mechanic, FCA customer care contacted me to see if I was still having an issue and then offered to reimbursed me for the repair. Then they followed up later to make sure I was satisfied. That's customer service.
  8. The FCA and Edge are in auto mode ---stick it in drive & go. Tried the Edge in sport mode and was a tad better as I think it changes the shifting points. Same as the paddle shifters... a little better but not worth the interaction needed. The FCA does a much better job but to be fair the FCA has a V6 and the Edge a 2L 4. Still love the way the FCA trans works overall.
  9. Being the one who started this thread before the purchase and now having driven our 2019 Edge Titanium AWD since December 2018, I can say the paddle shifters are just about worthless. This vehicle just wants to GO and the brakes are the only real way to slow it down. Now in comparison to my FCA product driven on the same mountain roads, there is a world of difference. The FCA product slows down auto downshifting quite nicely and I don't have to use the breaks 30% as much as the Ford. The FCA 8 speed transmission is far superior to the Ford which can shift up/down abruptly at times. Not saying we are not happy with the Edge as it is much more comfortable and quiet than the FCA and we do like it. Just the mechanical/transmission aspect and the dashboard/touchscreen are superior on the FCA IMO.
  10. I agree... that prompt to connect to network is annoying. I went into setting to disable and a few days later it was back again. Ford Sync 3 is not well thought out. I also have a FCA product and the media/info screen is much better. Better graphics... better speed and no on screen prompts that require you press an acknowledgement before it goes away. After using the Sync 3 for seven months now, I don't like it. Additionally the right gauge area is useless and could contain more useful info. BTW... What code did you use to put the climate on the right?
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    I agree benk016. One would think Ford would have tested this tech a little more before full production. Mine was mfg in November.
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    I have had some oncoming traffic flash their lights at me. Not sure if it's just the new LED's which I love or the Auto-Leveling not doing the job.
  13. "Can't find it anywhere"?? Just scroll up about 11 replies and you will find it!
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    2019 Titanium 301, built in mid November 2018: No movement on startup. Slight movement to the left only when ACC switched in dark garage with setting on auto. Weird... Ugh!
  15. After adapting my volt meter probes to get into the small connectors on the wiring harness, here is what I found. The rear view mirror connector is really the only logical place to get 12 volts in this area. The overhead console is a no go, as the connector has extremely small connections and is thereby exceptionally hard to make any physical connection and that whole assembly is one piece. So I tinned two pieces of wire at the ends so I could securely insert them into the inlet wiring side of the connectors and taped the wiring bundle with 88 electrical tape. This has left me two "pigtails" for my 12 volts & common, with each having a 1/4" connector attached. Now all I have to do is plug my camera in. Will update when I actually test this out for a while. Update: 3/19/2019. This has worked out fine so far. No cord hanging down. Still, this was a pain in the rear to do. It would be so nice if auto mfg's put a power source in the upper console area. I know, wishful thinking.