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  1. The navigation/maps in my 2016 Edge Titanium have gone crazy. The display will suddenly show what looks like a rifle scope and start jumping all over the place. We have watched it tell us we were in NC, TN, and KY in a 3 minute span. While using the navigation it has suddenly dropped our location. The volume on the radio goes up on its own to unbearable levels and it will switch stations. It will come on by itself. I had the dealer update the software and for about two weeks the problems seemed to be solved. Then it began again more aggressive than before. The update came with the Auto Android app. We started using the app and Google maps for navigating to avoid the Sync 3 craziness. Yesterday the Google Maps on the Android app started jumping all over the place! It's like there is a ghost in the machine! Has anyone else experienced this? What is the fix?
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