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  1. Well actually NO, these 'active' posts do not provide solutions, only 'ready made' solutions and a lot of complaining, moaning and groaning ... it's easy to criticize and complain about something; - it takes creativity to clearly understand the root cause and find real working solutions, or at least alternatives that don't include installing new poorly engineered parts that simply mask but do not fix the problem. That is why I started a new thread ... I may examine the taillights and center bar light this spring and see if there is a way to increase air flow. Thanks for your reply.
  2. I've searched the forum and found an original post from 2016 on the 'Condensation' subject relative to rear lighting. It was too old to post something under it, so I opened this one. My son noticed the fog in the rear lights on our 2016 Edge AWD - Titanium the other day. Haven't checked this morning, but will give it a closer look. I've experienced this moisture problem a number of times over the years, particularly with integrated headlights that used removable halogen bulbs. Was easily rectified in our 1999 Montana van by drilling a vent hole in the bottom rear of the integrated headlight housing just below the halogen bulb location. Caused the heated air to draw in more air and exit out the top rear where the original vent was. The root cause is the high pressure in front of the vehicle at speed finding a way to force water into the housing; - usually a bad seal between the lens and the housing. I realize in this particular problem with the Edge that we are talking about LEDs that generate little if any heat. I agree that changes in temperature will cause moisture to condense in the rear lighting of our Edge, but I also think that since the rear of the Edge is in a slight vacuum at speed, the moist air can be drawn into the housings because of a bad seal somewhere in each unit. Moisture can also be forced in during a run to the 'touchless' car wash and high pressure water used to rinse the vehicle. And as I think about this further, I look at the energy being expended to complain about the problem without ever coming up with a workable solution other than telling the manufacturer to fix it. So, my thought is there must be a way to create ventilation that causes air to circulate and remove the moisture without replacing the units. Replacing them with new ones in or outside warranty doesn't solve the problem, because the overall design is flawed. Finding the root cause and fixing that is a better solution in my mind. Just a side note: Interesting chatter in the original post about how manufacturers interpret the duration of a warranty repair inside warranty. BUT, they can still be held responsible after the warranty ends. It relates to replacing parts that have a known or demonstrated inherent flaw in them that will re-surface each time the component fails. I sued Chrysler when they replaced the transmission in my car with a new one due to a design flaw that caused the transmission to shudder in reverse and stall the engine. The new transmission had the same flaw and at literally the same mileage it failed the same way the first one did, BUT the car was out of warranty when this occurred. The dealer told me it was going to cost me a new transmission to fix the problem. I knew a transmission tech who worked on Chrysler vehicles and one Saturday he and I pulled the transmission out and replaced two nylon sealing washers with steel ones (we cleaned up the trans too and replaced any worn bands or clutches). Problem solved! Cost me a few bucks and 4 hours to re and re the trans. I turned around and sued Chrysler based on the dealer's estimate to repair and won a judgment against the manufacturer which was eventually settled out of court. Chrysler couldn't afford to see this go public. Any thoughts on how someone might introduce more ventilation in these light assemblies?
  3. 2016 Edge Titanium AWD

    Playing M3U playlists from USB drive

    Yes - As I already said, I know the file label for the playlist - it's called 'Edge 2019.M3U8' It was created using WinAmp 5.66 on my laptop, as are all the playlists I use with our PC LAN here at home. There is 16.6 Gb of music on the stick, all stored in 'root' of the USB, some in artist folders, some as single tracks. Playlist selects tracks from folders and the general list of single tracks. The USB works fine in any PC, and even my son's Sync 2 - 2016 fusion - but not in this blessed Edge ... What the Edge does is maddening, - it plays all the singles and then switches to each individual folder ...
  4. 2016 Edge Titanium AWD

    Playing M3U playlists from USB drive

    Didn't quite work ... will find and play complete folders of music. I know the file label, but for some reason the assistant can't 'see' it. Assistant resorted to asking me to search a list of playlists, but couldn't find the one on the USB ...
  5. 2016 Edge Titanium AWD

    Playing M3U playlists from USB drive

    Now that, I will try ... Thanks
  6. 2016 Edge Titanium AWD

    Playing M3U playlists from USB drive

    Boy sure is a lot of button pushing and OK'ing to get it to play, but I'll give it a whirl. Do I Have to do this each time insert the USB stick, or any other usb stick? Thanks. 👍
  7. Is there a simple and easy way to get an M3U playlist that runs fine with WinAmp and Windows 10 to run on the Synch 3 radio?
  8. 2016 Edge Titanium AWD

    What a Difference New Snow Tires Made

    Greetings! Well, I had the new snow tire assemblies installed and an oil change done at our trusted garage here in town on Tuesday. Cost $20 less than the dealer's 'the works' oil change / tire swap and still included blended synthetic oil recommended for Fords, and a quality WIX oil filter. Saw the underside of the vehicle for the first time too. Very busy under there, and having it Krown Rustproofed a week and a half ago, everything that can be covered is! The big difference with the new Continental Winter Contact SI's is that the tires are really quiet, quieter than the street / summer Hankooks from the factory. Of course, the factory tires have 58,000 Kms on them and still have good tread left, but they are noisy. Now the Edge sounds like a limousine going down the highway. The stock wheels are 19" with 245/55R19 tires. The new snow tires are 18" with 245/60R18 tires. I went with an 18" steel rim one size smaller to increase the sidewall height in an effort to avoid road damage from the inevitable potholes that will surface and re-surface over the winter and early spring. Really happy with this tire choice. Will see how fuel economy changes.
  9. 2016 Edge Titanium AWD

    Purchased a Winter Snow Tire Package

    After several weeks of waiting my son and I picked up new Continental WinterContact SI's (these particular tires are no longer available, but a newer improved version is), new Direct Fit Rims and TPMS Sensors for the 2016 Edge AWD. The package consisted of: 4 Continental WinterContact SI - 245/60R18 Tires 4 Direct Fit Steel Rims - 18x7.5 with a 42mm offset 4 Shrader 33500 Dual frequency 315/433 MHz TPM Sensors I received three quotes for very similar package(s): One from our local dealer One from a local tire shop One from a 'virtual' seller in Mississauga about 90 miles away. The first quote from our local dealer was no surprise and came in just under $2,450 - the only difference being FoMoCo rims, sensors, and a different brand of tires. The second quote came in at $1,875 - the only difference being the supplier of the rims, sensors and the brand and style of tires included The third quote came in at $1,475 from a 'virtual' seller located in Mississauga that I'd never heard of. This 'virtual' seller we picked the package up from this morning is called GreenLeaf Tire. They have no store front, no 'warehouse' and appear to only have a web presence. Their service is second to none, they stand behind every product they sell and, as demonstrated by the pricing, sell for the lowest price of any retailer in southern Ontario. Most communication happens via email, but as it gets closer to pickup time, they switch to phone to keep you in the loop. As usual, there were both positive and negative comments on Google about the firm, but the negative comments were in most cases gripes and misunderstandings that could have been avoided had the purchaser done more due diligence. The company operated in a very straightforward and honest manner. The rims I wanted were the same rims quoted when you buy tires from Costco Wholesale. Incidentally, Costco would have come in higher just for the tires and rims alone. I checked with the rim supplier's techs to confirm that the offset I was going with based on the 18" rim would fit the Edge correctly. They confirmed this the next day. I didn't think the 52mm offset for the stock alloy 19" rims would work and chose a 42 mm offset that would place the inner and outer rim edges squarely in the middle of the wheel house openings front and back. Combined with this 42mm offset, this new 18" steel rim would also be out of harms way with respect to brake components and suspension. I'm not sure if I am allowed to post their URL here in the forum, but they are easy to find on the 'Interweb'. I submitted the request for quote and received it about 1 day later. Originally I had planned NOT to go with the aftermarket TPMS units because I had read stories about them not sync'ing properly with the on-board control module. But the seller convinced me that they sell hundreds of these sensors for the 2016 thru 2019 Ford Edge and they work perfectly. So rather than drive around all winter with the idiot light on in the dash I decided to go with them. A friend of mine who works at Ford in Oakville and probably touched the Edge when it was built (he's also a mechanic) said not to worry about the aftermarket sensors, they'll work fine. It was a long process however, that took about 2 months from the purchase date to fulfillment but it was worth the wait. So that's my story ... your experience and mileage may vary ... PS - GreenLeaf will ship a complete set of wheels and tires anywhere in Canada ...
  10. 2016 Edge Titanium AWD

    Correct TPMS Sensors?

    Talked to our selling dealer a week or so ago. He checked the RPO for the Edge using the sequence number of the VIN and it rolled off with 315MHz sensors. I told the seller that I wanted to go with the 315MHz sensors. They will supply and install Schrader EZ-sensor 33500 (Snap-In) - a dual 315 / 433 Mhz sensor, although Amazon says this does not 'fit' the Edge, - probably because it is dual band and not 315Mhz specific. If they don't work, the seller will swap them out.
  11. 2016 Edge Titanium AWD

    Correct TPMS Sensors?

    Does anyone know if the 2016 Edge came equipped with more than one type of Tire Pressure sensor? I'm seeing conflicting information from our dealer, and the Ford Parts online catalog even when the VIN is used to determine the correct TPMS. The dealer says according to the 8 last digits of the VIN the vehicle rolled off the line with 315Mhz sensors. However, when you use the VIN to search the Ford Parts catalog is says the vehicle requires the 433Mhz sensors, price is pretty much the same, but availability of the 433Mhz sensor is sketchy and 315Mhz seems to be most common. Confused, yes! Our Edge was built on August 2, 2016. And like a lot of folks north of the 49th Parallel, we're getting ready to put snow tires on for this upcoming winter. The sensor issue has slowed me down a touch. I could run without them, but then the dash TPMS warning light would probably be on all winter until I put the summer wheels / tires back on. BTW, I found the best deal for tires in Toronto, (literally half the cost of Canadian Tire, Costco, the local tire store, or our dealer) not far from us and I will post that experience once the transaction is completed November 10th when we pick the tire / rim combination up from the seller. While the seller does ship right across Canada and shipping costs are quite reasonable, we're going to pick ours up in Toronto. Good turn around time too. The reason we are delayed until November is that the correct 18" rim with 42mm offset will not be available until the first week of November. So getting back to my question, does anyone know which sensor the Edge typically uses, or did Ford switch sensors part way through the production year?
  12. 2016 Edge Titanium AWD

    Mud Flap bottom and forward of rear wheel

    I just noticed that the passenger side mud flap inside the wheel house at the bottom near the rocker panel is missing. Driver's side rear wheel house has one. Ford Parts describes it as base part number 11398 with two pieces of hardware to attach it. They are different left and right. Has anyone ever lost one of these, I wonder? Gonna get our dealer to order it for me and I'll install it. Think it went missing when the vehicle encountered a raccoon, landing in a ditch, as it ripped off the sail panel under the front bumper and removed the streamlining panels underneath. Total damage to the vehicle was about $1900 CDN. This mud flap might have been ripped off when the vehicle was pulled out of whatever problem it was in after the raccoon encounter. Incidentally, the scuff plate on the passenger side has an 'Edge' signature in it that is LED powered. Stopped working when the connection came up lame from water corrosion. Think the rocker panel might have been slightly submerged and that's why the connection became corroded. Pictures and description of the mud flap are included. Rear Mud Flap Deflector Part LookUp.docx
  13. 2016 Edge Titanium AWD

    Bumped the Panic Button - Turning it off not Intuitive

    That's a good point. I retraced my steps and what happened yesterday. I had just moved the vehicle over in my driveway to make room for the painter. I'm pretty sure I locked the Edge with the FOB after the move. Then I walked into the garage to retrieve the extension ladder and step ladder. The moment I had the step ladder in my hands and turned around, the alarm went off. I was 20 feet from the vehicle. It was dead still outside. The garage overhead door was open and I was in straight line of sight with the Edge, maybe 20 feet away at the back of the garage. I pressed the red button once, ... nothing ... pressed it again two seconds later ... nothing ... I must have pressed it 4 times in a 10 second period ... Now I'm starting to get that 'patience be damned, I'm going to kill something!' feeling and finally walked over to the Edge and opened the door. It stopped immediately, but by then half my neighbors were awake! My son tested it two different ways later, and it worked both times. At this point I'm not even convinced that having the FOB in my front pants pocket, or that accidentally bumping the FOB with the step ladder even happened, causing it to go off, since intentionally pressing it didn't yield immediate results.
  14. It's 6:00 AM and I'm quietly moving the Edge over so the painter can park in the driveway. Removed his step ladder from our garage and must have bumped the panic button in my pocket. Pressing the red button while listening to this thing puke it's guts out didn't do a thing. I was ready to shoot the damned thing. I had to walk up to the vehicle and open the driver's door, although apparently any number of things might have stopped the alarm, locking / unlocking, opening a door, etc, but NOT the red panic button, REALLY?? The driver's door is now laying on the road in front of our house. The remains of this frickin' vehicle with shotgun holes in it can be seen at the local junk yard. But seriously, any vehicle with factory alarm we've ever owned was disabled by re-pressing the red panic button. Really seems counter-intuitive to not program it that way. Good morning, Happy Saturday ... where's my coffee?? PS - We bought this new to us Ford Edge in June and this is the first (and now last time) the panic button has / will go off!
  15. 2016 Edge Titanium AWD

    Extended Service/Warranty: to buy or not to buy

    Thanks for that, much appreciated, however it looks like the power transfer is handled differently for the 2016 model year and beyond.