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  1. 2016 Edge Titanium AWD

    Tailgate / Hatch Reflector Panel Lens Assembly

    In April 2022 I broke down (couldn't live with the large crack in the reflector lens) and ordered a new light reflector panel from Tasca Ford online while dealing with some really nice people there. I could have bought it from a Ford dealer in Hamilton, ON but the price with shipping was higher than Tasca even with the currency exchange. Arrived in one piece with no external damage to the box it was shipped in, thankfully. Installed it at the end of June last year when the weather cleared up a bit and it got cool enough to work outside. (We'd had a bit of a heat wave and some rain showers too). My first thought was to seal the edges with Permatex Ultra before installing it, but my faith in a newly manufactured part not leaking got the better of me and so it got installed without any extra sealing. Well, a month later my faith in manufacturing was shattered when this new part leaked moisture predominently on the left side of the reflector. Over the winter it fogged and cleared and by spring it was swimming in water. With non-stop rain and then the cold weather setting in it wasn't the right time to pull it back off and seal it, so I left it until this week. By the time I got to pulling it back off (can probably make flat rate now!) the left rear taillight had begun to take on water too. The taillights are easy to fix, and I went around the edges with Permatex and re-installed it within an hour letting the Permatex cure over night. I'm happy to report that the left taillight, and the reflector panel are both bone dry now. Waiting for the right taillight to show signs of moisture, but right now if it ain't broken I'm not gonna touch it! Cheers!
  2. 2016 Edge Titanium AWD

    Rear Hatch Glass Exploded

    Well the glass shop cleared the old glass from the hatch and taped some heavy duty clear plastic (like that used to wrap boats for winter storage) over the opening and directly to the body of the vehicle. That meant the tailgate could not be opened. Also, unfortunately they managed to partially close the hatch so that the warning light was on. Trying to push the tailgate closed was futile, it would not go on latch perhaps because something was jammed between the hatch and the body of the vehicle. I actually didn't think it was possible to close the hatch and not completely latch it. Anyway, we were waiting for the glass to come in from the warehouse the next morning. What did this do for the battery?? Read on ... Apparently the BCM would not go to sleep even though the four doors were closed and locked, waiting for someone to close the hatch. At first I couldn't get the exterior lights on the mirrors or the cabin lights to go out, but eventually they timed out after 10 minutes. But the BCM was still active. Had parked the vehicle in the driveway thinking it was locked down and secure the afternoon after going to the glass shop to file the claim and arrange for them to do some prep and re-wrap the hatch so the vehicle could be driven. The vehicle sat for about 21 hours and when I came out to start it the battery was flat (actually 12.02 volts). Not even enough power to open the door using the factory code. So now I'm about to take two 'trips' with the vehicle I've never done before, the first being "how do you get into the vehicle when the battery is dead?", and second "how to you use the key in the FOB to unlock the door?". Well, the owner's manual is a feat of stupidity, or maybe I'm just dense, because the verbiage and the pictures of how to remove the cap over the lock cylinder were not clear (considering that this is a manufacturer that used to provide some really good engineering drawings in their shop manuals in the 1960's) and given that the key had never been used in 6+ years, the cap was difficult to 'slide' off once the tip of the key was inserted underneath the cap. OK, now the door is unlocked, and my FOB is in three pieces including the special key, plus the cap that slides back over the lock cylinder but didn't click when replaced. I'm starting to shake my head in disbelief. When I decided to boost the vehicle with my multi-range charger, it was now 1:30 in the afternoon and I'm already a half hour late for my glass appointment. As soon as I connected the battery charger (first at 12 volts / 2 amps) the vehicle thought I trying to steal it (with a dead battery?!) and the horn went off and wouldn't cease. Unlocking the doors, or silencing with the FOB did nothing, BUT trying to start the vehicle in the presence of the FOB actually did silence the horn! What the vehicle had done to this point with the horn must be an engineer's inside joke I guess. Imagine trying to do this at 2AM in a residential area?? So, after reaching 12.7 volts on 'nuclear' (10 amps) for 20 minutes, the vehicle finally started and continued to complain that the hatch was partly open (yes, I know this!). Now, after two days, several starts and not much travel the standby voltage was 12.4 volts, (the battery is a 2 year old DieHard from CarQuest BTW) so I've put the charger back on nuclear for an hour or so and will switch to 2 amps for a couple of more hours. And it's now raining outside, so I must make sure I'm well grounded before I grab the AC cord to disconnect the charger and my eyes light up! (humor!). Not overly impressed with what happened but that is life in the slow lane I guess.
  3. 2016 Edge AWD - Titanium On my way to the mall this morning when I turned the corner and the back hatch glass exploded. Seemed to explode from the wiper motor location outward. Edge is completely original, low mileage and I don't think it ever had any work done on the hatch. Glass went opaque and started to fall in. Oddly, pieces of glass fell apart around the bottom outer edges. Was 32 F; - not severe weather. Rear defrost wasn't on or needed, so I'm not sure what caused the glass to break. Only experienced this once before with a rear window when a hot spot in the rear defroster caused the back window in my '78 Dodge to explode. On to Speedy AutoGlass tomorrow. If this is a known issue, posted and covered elsewhere in the forum I couldn't find it. The more I tried to zero in on the glass, the greater the number of search result pages were. Uuugh!
  4. 2016 Edge Titanium AWD

    Maintenance Schedule - Low Mileage 2016 Edge

    Was looking at the Owner's Manual for information on Time / Mileage intervals for certain maintenance to be performed, and concluded some time ago that we could line the Service Ops up, but would have to make our own interval schedule due to very low mileage driven. We bought the Edge used from a Ford Dealer with 48,400 Kms in June 2019 - with an in service date: August 2016. Vehicle was a special order as a Lease unit and it looked like a snow bird vehicle that had never been driven in Ontario's Salt / Rust Belt. We've taken really good care of it, cleaning the leather interior and applying leather conditioner, deep cleaning the carpets, vacuuming regularly, had it Krown Rust Proofed each year, and winter stored the alloy wheels fitting steel wheels and Continental snow tires. Between the two sets of rubber, we may never have to buy a new set of tires during its ownership, except that the All Season tires that came with it will need to be replaced this year due to age. I've changed oil and filter every 4 or 5 months or 3,000 miles since we bought it. The Edge has 72,600 Kms on it now, has had the coolant flushed and I'm considering taking it to the dealer for a transmission flush and fill, even though it hasn't reached the mileage interval listed for this service. In fact, a lot of the service intervals are so far out based on mileage that many of them would likely never be performed before we ever considered selling it, IF we followed the manual. But I think we are entering a 'severe service' mode since the vehicle doesn't go very far due to COVID and our driving habits as seniors. I was wondering if anyone else has created a revised maintenance schedule for low mileage vehicles like ours. Thoughts?
  5. 2016 Edge Titanium AWD

    Tailgate / Hatch Reflector Panel Lens Assembly

    Final Chapter: After several down pours it became obvious that there was still a 'leak' somewhere in the outer lens plastic. Having bonded the new and old crack(s) with CA, I thought I was home free, but I wasn't. Sealing with CA sounds like it will work, but the CA forms crystals and therefore is somewhat porous. So, I bought a spray can of Rustoleum / Tremclad clear gloss acrylic and sprayed a small amount into the cap. Using an artist's brush I worked the acrylic into the cracks and applied 2 coats in succession. The acrylic is still curing 72 hours later, but the amount of moisture in the lens is now at an 'acceptable' level with mist forming on the inside after a heavy rain. I'll eventually sand the acrylic with 320 / 1000 / 2000 / 3000 and then apply polishing compound the way you would buff and clear headlights. Having originally drilled four holes in the ends of the lens to allow the moisture to escape, I temporarily plugged the two bottom ones and left the two top ones open. The top holes are angled downward so it is unlikely that they will admit a significant amount of water. I'm going to call this job done for now. Unless I see any further water appear, the repair is good enough for a 6 year old ( new in June 2016) vehicle. Adds some character I guess. Definitely does not warrant an $1,800 repair. Thanks to those on this forum who shared info and ideas when I needed advice. Robert😄
  6. 2016 Edge Titanium AWD

    Tailgate / Hatch Reflector Panel Lens Assembly

    And the complete answer is, there are no cracks behind the emblem. The lens is a continuous mold with a cavity for the emblem to sit in. There are two tabs at right angles to each other with push clips on them that hold the emblem in place and make it impossible to put the emblem back on upside down. They used two sided butyl rubber re-enforced tape stuck to the bottom and perimeter of the emblem that makes it really hard to remove the emblem without a plastic pry bar. (And while I used the fishing line approach to break the bond, it still held on too well). Use anything else and you mess up the lens and the emblem. I had a pry bar left over from the days when CPU's had to be pried out of the motherboard, but once I got the emblem to unseat I had to reach behind and cut the bond with a sharp knife before I could remove the emblem. The emblem is worth $65 CDN if you break it or mess it up, so take your time and wiggle it off. I don't have any two-sided tape so will re-attach the emblem with a combination of Permatex Ultra Black on the underside of the emblem to seal it against moisture and a bead of Butyl Rubber Tape around the perimeter of the emblem where it contacts the lens cavity. Will never come out!
  7. 2016 Edge Titanium AWD

    Tailgate / Hatch Reflector Panel Lens Assembly

    Answering my own question, yes it can be ... going in to have a looksee ... 😕
  8. 2016 Edge Titanium AWD

    Tailgate / Hatch Reflector Panel Lens Assembly

    And this is the result of sealing the unit ... a small amount of moisture after two huge down pours last night and this morning. Seems centered around the 'Ford' medallion. Does anyone know if the medallion can be removed externally? I still have the 'vent holes' open in each corner to vent mist too, but the holes are drilled on an upward angle so water is less likely to find it's way in, and there isn't a ton of water in the lens either. Medallion has me wondering ...
  9. 2016 Edge Titanium AWD

    Tailgate / Hatch Reflector Panel Lens Assembly

    Let me be 'clear' and explain that there are two different things going on when these light bars fail and admit water. The design is two piece construction, rigidly bonded together. If the black base cracks, the crack telegraphs through to the clear lens. There is no 'give' between the black base and the lens, so if there is stress between the two, or the body of the vehicle; - something gives. In the 'olden' days we would have used butyl rubber tape (similar to what they used to set stationary window glass in the body) to join these two pieces together, but some wise acre engineer decided that cementing two pieces of dissimilar plastic together was 'the better idea'. The entire assembly is subjected to heat and cold, and the UV rays make the plastic in the lens brittle over time. Disturbing the assembly by removing it introduces even more stress. The Chrysler Journey has the same issue. This light bar appears to have been removed previously before I disassembled the hatch to remove it. In this photo you can see the original hairline crack in the right hand side of the clear lens (follow the arc of the wiper blade). If you look very closely (or take the photo into Irfanview and blow it up), the right hand side of the 'finished' photo shows that the crack has grown to about three inches; - and that happened as the assembly lay cooling on my garage floor. Between the 'Ford' medallion and this first crack mentioned, two more appeared on the top edge while I was sealing the unit and I was not rough with it; - it laid on a moving blanket the entire time I worked on it. This was my experience; - your mileage may vary however.
  10. Hi, This is one of those, 'If my wife had told me 4 months ago' I could have fixed it stories. After fixing the Tail Lamp Assembly on the hatch of our '16 Ford Edge this weekend I discovered that the 'hands free assist' to open the hatch no longer worked. I knew it had nothing to do with the work I had just performed and with my wife standing there I said, 'Gee that's odd, the hands free assist isn't working'. My wife said, 'Ya, it hasn't been working for me for months so I switched to the release in the outer handle'. 🙄 Perplexed, I hunted around under the rear bumper, but was unable to find the 'sensor' that caused the hatch to open when your foot waved in and out under the rear bumper. Wouldn't work on either side of the rear bumper. Then I noticed this small rectangular connector box next to the hitch receiver and I pulled the cap off. Green crustys and puss greeted me. Got some CLR and cleansed the area followed by some electronics parts cleaner to flush and dry it out. Once satisfied that the trailer 4-wire plug was cleaned up, I put some silicone grease (NOT DIALECTRIC GREASE) on the 3 female pins and the one male pin and replaced the cap. Waved my foot under the bumper and the hatch happily opened. Success, but why?? Does having a trailer wired to the Edge disable the hands free feature, or was there simply a short through that copper oxide goo that prevented the sensor from opening the hatch? Can somebody please explain the 'Connection'??
  11. 2016 Edge Titanium AWD

    Tailgate / Hatch Reflector Panel Lens Assembly

    Well Folks, when the weather finally cooled off a bit and it stopped raining I managed to pull the hatch trim off and remove the light bar with assistance from Haz's info and a flurry of PM's with BigBerky to solve some of the 'unknowns'. When I removed the light bar it was obvious that whatever method was used to seal the lens with the base unit housing had failed in a number of places. Removal was not a big issue, but when you have never worked on newer iron for some time, it helps to have as much knowledge before tackling the job. Going back together however, I discovered I needed my wife's pair of hands to keep one side of the main trim panel from popping off while I attempted to secure the other side and re-attach the hatch close button in the bottom of the trim panel. You should know that the dealership allows 1 hour of shop time to re and re the assembly, and if you know what you are about to do it is quite possible to do this in an hour or so. For the repair, I was tempted to use an Exacto knife and go around the perimeter to continue breaking the seal between the lens and the base housing, but the UV attack on the lens and housing made the plastic a little brittle and I thought better of that move. As it was, the original crack I had found in the outer part of the lens opened a bit more (actually grew 4 times longer) just laying on the garage floor. I was checking something on my laptop and I heard this 'pop' and sure enough the built up stress in the lens had moved the crack along a bit more. Clearly the assembly had not been manufactured correctly ** to begin with, but there was also tell tale 'Someone's been here before' evidence once the assembly was removed. That the assembly may have been disturbed twice now may have also explained why the lens had so much built up stress to begin with. I used some Permatex Ultra Black Gasket maker around the perimeter, smoothing the sealant into the gap between the lens and housing on the top side first and then let it cure over night. For cleanup I used Mineral Spirits to remove the residue from the outer part of the lens. The next morning I sealed the sides and bottom and placed the assembly out in the sun to speed the curing process further. 48 hours later (this morning) I began the re-installation task. ** The two halves of the assembly are meant to mate together in a specific way and then some sort of sealant was used to bond them together. Noting that there were at least three revisions of the part number, I can only assume that Ford never found a satisfactory way to bond the two halves together while exposed to the unrelenting presence of UV rays. This also means that buying a new assembly at over $1300 USD would not guarantee a leak free solution as the new part would likely fail as well at some point. If the mating of the two halves was not a precision fit, then when the two pieces are bonded together there would be no 'give' between the two halves and unnecessary stress would be applied to either half of the plastic. This eventually helped to introduce more cracks (3 in all were found) before I got it back on the vehicle. Sealing the unit with Permatex made it more rigid and less likely to introduce any new cracks. Following the re-installation instructions in the shop pages was absolutely critical in re-attaching the assembly without stressing the plastic by evenly applying torque to the 6 bolts that held it in place. I gingerly torqued them down, checked the fit with the hatch and rear window and then finally torqued the 6 nuts until they stopped, only just. As always, a few pictures help to tell the story ...
  12. 2016 Edge Titanium AWD

    Tailgate / Hatch Reflector Panel Lens Assembly

    Rumsfeld said it best, " There are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know.." Right, now back to work! Thanks BigBerky, going in hot once again ... 😂
  13. 2016 Edge Titanium AWD

    Tailgate / Hatch Reflector Panel Lens Assembly

    Hatch came apart exactly as the shop pages described, but when the interior of the hatch was accessed, it looks quite different than the shop images. The inside looks different than the shop manual pages. (Vehicle was manufactured in Oakville, Ontario in July 2016). The light bar is an integral assembly and includes the license plate lights and the backup Cam. While the shop pages do talk about removing the camera, there is no provision inside that I can see to do this. When I removed the (6) nuts, disconnecting the 3 connectors and pushing the grommet through the hatch sheet metal the light bar appears to be stuck and I'm afraid to force it. Noting the differences between the shop pages and the actual hatch interior, I wonder if I have missed some additional fasteners, or perhaps the light bar is sealed to the hatch sheet metal in some way?? I mean really, I work on really old iron all the time, but this Edge has me mystified ... that's a '78 t-bird, my Dad's ...:)
  14. 2016 Edge Titanium AWD

    Tailgate / Hatch Reflector Panel Lens Assembly

    Haz, Thanks to you and BigBerky I now have the right information to take on this job, now that the cooler weather is here. I really appreciate both of you taking of your time to help me out ... Now one to Job #1 ...
  15. 2016 Edge Titanium AWD

    Tailgate / Hatch Reflector Panel Lens Assembly

    Hi Haz, Just went back over the shop pages included in the links you have shared .... BigBerky noted that there are sequencing and torque specs for the six fasteners when re and re'ing the light bar assembly. Is there a separate page, or page(s) regarding removing the light bar and properly re-install it (and any components like backup Cam, etc) using a sequence and torque specs? I know I'm asking a lot, but I hope to do this right the first time. Anything you can share would be appreciated.