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  1. I did a preliminary investigation to look for the harness, and I took some photos. Photo 1 shows the whole rear layout with the carpet removed. Photo 2 shows the area where I think you were talking about a cover with bolts, yet I didn't see one. Photo 3 shows what is behind the cargo panel on the passenger side. Pulling that panel open is where I found a 2 plugs, one that is black and one that is brown. Could the black plug be the connection plug for the wire harness?
  2. Thanks much for the information. Soon I'll be starting this project and I will try to document the process.
  3. If I am understanding you correctly, there are plugs already built in on the factory wire harness so that all I have to do is locate them per your instructions and tap into them. Am I understanding you correctly?
  4. I bought a class 2, Curt brand hitch and Curt wiring package for my 2015 Edge SEL FWD. The hitch appears to be relatively easy to put on but when reviewing Curt's wiring instructions online I did not see that a power cable has to be run directly to the battery. So, where can I run the power wire through the firewall? is there a body plug around the driver footwell for the factory wiring? It appears that the plastic trim panels have to be removed along the driver side door sill plate. I looked over this site and didn't see any photos of where the factory wiring goes through the firewall. And I sure won't run it under the body because that is too hostile an area to run an electrical hot wire. I am connecting two different, small trailers, where each has only brake/signal/running lights; neither has trailer brakes.
  5. Thanks for your reply. Yes, it says "information". So, there is no application or software installation out there that will install navigation?
  6. I just bought a used 2015 SEL that has the large center dash display screen. I read in the owner's manual that an SD card would have been included with the vehicle when it was new for using navigation. However, I searched the interior and it is not there. I was hoping to add the navigation feature to the vehicle but in looking at the existing software under the system information screen I see the following information: serial number, vehicle identification number, CCP/U S/W version, Sirius ESN, Gracenote Information. I don't see application software for navigation. In doing some YouTube research the videos I have watched seem to start out with a navigation app already there. Then the videos goes into using the FORSCAN program for changing module settings. So, my question is how do I add navigation? Is there a way to do it without going to a dealer?