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  1. Dmtaurus

    Emission Line with Sensor

    Yeah, I saw the price and will order that. I can cut the line just before the sensor and after the last 180 degree bend, remove that end and release the other end at the charcoal cannister, and slip an emission-grade hose as a splice over the lines and use spring clamps over the ends. I can't see anything wrong with that as long as the hose is emission grade. NAPA sells that grade of hose. Ford did another mechanic blunder when they put a sensor in area where it cannot be easily replaced without major disassembly effort. I wish these engineers had to work on what they design; that might stop some of this stupidity.
  2. Dmtaurus

    Emission Line with Sensor

    Thanks for the door info. Thanks for the advice; don't necessarily agree with it; but thanks.
  3. Dmtaurus

    Emission Line with Sensor

    My 2015 Edge fwd has a dash lamp lit. I had it to the dealer and the dealer said that the plastic line with the vacuum sensor, that runs from the gas tank to the charcoal canister, needs replaced because the sensor in the line is bad, at a cost of about $375.00. The dealer said the gas tank has to be dropped to uncouple the line and remove it from the tank. Is that true? I was hoping to find a removable access panel under the rear seat to get to the coupling so it could be disconnected and the line fished out. Otherwise, I am thinking of buying a new plastic line assembly and splicing a section of the new line and sensor into the old line, and joining both with a piece of fuel line and clamps.
  4. Dmtaurus

    Induction System Cleaning

    I use the OTC cannister unit and fuel injector cleaner, and induction system cleaner, on my naturally aspirated Taurus 3.5 and it works well. But with your answer on the induction part it sounds like a no-no and not the right solution. But now, I am curious about the need for, and the use of, OTC injector cleaner for using it on the direct injector set-up of this engine, if it should be done as routine maintenance.
  5. Dmtaurus

    Induction System Cleaning

    Since the 2.0 is a GTDI engine, has Ford come out with an approved method for cleaning it? Motor magazine as of 2017 said that any cleaning using typical cleaners should not be used on turbo engines at all, and this includes CRC brand GTDI cleaner that is spray into the intake system.
  6. Dmtaurus

    McGard Lug Nut Durability

    Thanks, I'll check it out.
  7. Dmtaurus

    McGard Lug Nut Durability

    I have the bulging lug nut problem, like most Edge owners in salt-laden states. I have read the posts from others that had the same problem and they tended to use the McGard replacement bulging chrome lug nuts instead of the cheaply made Motorcraft OEM unit. Are those owners that used the McGard's still satisfied with them? Summit Racing has them for $17.99 for 4 and that is the best price I can find.
  8. I have a 2015 Edge SE with the 2.0 automatic and front wheel drive set-up. It has 71,000 miles and there is no shifting or leaking problems with it. I drained the fluid 2 months ago for the first drain and fill fluid change. I then put about 500 miles on it and did a second change. I then just did a drain and refill again, about 500 miles since the second, and the fluid still looks extremely dark with just a hint of ruby red color. The total amount of fluid I have used so far is about 14 quarts. The fluid I used is Walmart Mercon 6 LV for Fords. I saw somewhere that these Edge transmissions turn the fluid dark, even after a short time period. I have also performed the same change process on my 2013 Taurus and it's fluid color still is ruby red after each change. Is this fluid color normal for these Edge transmissions? Should I go to the dealer and now have a complete internal chemical cleaning, and flush, and refill? At about $28.00 for each drain and refill it is becoming a little pricey.
  9. From what I have read the wizards at Forscan have no desire to try and get aftermarket cameras to work with the factory rear-view set-up. Also, I installed a Dorman camera to replace the failed Ford camera and the white steering lines don't display correctly. I took the vehicle to the dealer for a recall and they updated Sync and they said they got the camera to work right for about 10 minutes and then it went back to the steering line error. I tried Forscan but the programming timed out after 8% completion. I wrote Dorman and got a reply that they would try their camera in a test mule Edge to verify the white line error if I sent them the last 5 or 6 digits of the VIN, which I did. That was last October. I just wrote them several weeks ago and they still haven't done the experiment. Given the state of the world I don't know if they will ever get to it. But the thing I do know is that after 2 separate tries with new Dorman cameras they are not a drop-in replacement and they don't work right.
  10. No, I set the navigation thing aside until I can get the rear camera active white steering lines to work properly when it is in reverse. I didn't want to install new software that might make the camera quit completely. What I have found out along the way over the last 6 months is that MFT and Sync are the lousiest software packages that Ford could have chosen, and this comes from Ford engineers.
  11. The factory, rear camera failed on my 2015 Edge SEL so I replaced it with a Dorman brand camera. My Edge was built after 01/15/2015 so fortunately it is the cheaper replacement model camera. The camera vision is restored but the moving white steering lines are weird. Here are the symptoms: Scenario 1 1. Shift to reverse and the colored lines are present and the white steering lines appear in response to the steering wheel angle. 2. Release the brake pedal and start moving backwards and the lines shift to the right in response to turning in the right direction. 3. When the reverse speed is increased then abruptly, the white steering lines shift to the extreme left and they stay locked there until the reverse movement is allowed to coast to a stop or when the brake is used to stop the reverse movement. The white steering lines then re-align themselves to the steering angle position that the steering wheel happens to stop at. Scenario 2 1. Shift to reverse and the colored lines are present and the white steering lines appear in response to the steering wheel angle. 2. Hold the brake on so there is no reverse movement and turn the steering wheel all the way to the right and then all the way to left. 3. The white steering lines follow the steering wheel perfectly. *Scenario 2 also behaves in the same way when the shifter is shifted from reverse to neutral. I chatted with Dorman and the Dorman tech thought that the camera could be defective and suggested that it be replaced under warranty. I contacted the vendor, gave him the information from the Dorman tech and an email contact address, and the vendor sent a new replacement camera. I installed the replacement camera and the exact same white steering line problem is still present. I then used Forscan to reset the Local Interconnect Network New Module Calibration under the service function icon (there is no camera reset option). The procedure started and what appeared at 8% completion was: (WARN) [19:18:32.882] Steering Column Lock Power Control - On (ERR) [19:19:01.359] Test aborted. Perform a self-test to identify any diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) I checked for any DTC's and none were listed. I performed in Forscan the service procedure module resets of the APIM, FCIM, PSCM, and SCCM modules. It did not cure the problem. I took the Edge to the Ford dealer for the steering rack bolt recall and while there asked them to perform a diagnostic on the camera. They did a software update to Sync 2, and the white steering lines started working in a normal manner. They turned the engine off, waited 10 minutes, started it, the white lines still worked ok, and then turned it off. An hour later they started it and the white steering lines went back to the same mess. The service rep said the problem was probably a defect in the computer behind the 8" touch screen and that it might be a communication problem with the other modules. That doesn't make sense to me because when the vehicle is in reverse and stopped the white steering lines behave normally. I have read that people have changed the numbers in particular module code lines for the same camera white steering line problem in other Ford models, but I have not read anything that is specific for the 2015 Edge. Is there a cure for this problem?
  12. I found 2 instances of this function; one under the BCM module and one under the Parking Aid module. I tried running the service function under each and both aborted at 8%. I did a screenshot from Forscan but I am not sure how to fix it. Any idea on what to do next?
  13. Thanks, I will try looking for that.
  14. At those numbers they would be making 200,000 of these a year. Is that a valid production number?
  15. Not sure what you paid for the harnesses and module but my hitch came with the wiring kit. As I stated earlier Ford make this too hard to do. Even they sell a kit that is a copy of the Curt kit instead of having the owner buy factory parts. Best part is that the Curt kit works and is reasonably priced at $46.