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    From one veteran to another...

    U.S. Army, 1965 - 1967. Second Bn. 10th Artillery, Ft. Benning, GA. Didn't get to visit 'nam: most dangerous area I was involved in was Chad's Rose Room, Phoenix City, AL. 😃
  2. BigEd290

    What did you guys pay for your Edge's

    2018 Sport, 415 miles, 401 pkg, Vista roof. $33,000. Car came out of Florida, dealer had used it as demo. AutoNation dealer. I think I got a deal. Great car.
  3. BigEd290

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    Mine's a 2018 Sport, still pretty new to me. Love it so far but missing the fog lights. Live in the mountains and cloud cover is pretty often. Haven't found a reasonably easy way to add any. Any new suggestions?
  4. BigEd290

    Hello from the North Georgia mountains

    Great! Just had their fried rice last Friday. So now I have an expert within driving distance.🤪
  5. BigEd290

    Hello from the North Georgia mountains

    Just North East of Jasper, bout half way to Ellijay and off to the Ease a bit.
  6. Just got a 2018 Edge Sport. So far loving it, but hate it doesn't have fog lights. Found this site and looking forward to some good information. Already ordered a catch can. 😁