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    Ford Edge Towing Guide

    I know my 2019 Edge is rated for towing 3500 lbs. But how is that determined? Is it the engine / transmission (but couldn't you just go slower on hills, or avoid hills all together)? Is it the weight on the hitch (but you can distribute the weight over the trailer axle. Or is it the weight the tow vehicle can stop within a certain distance starting from a certain speed (without shearing off the bolts that mount the brake calibers to the frame)? So, if it is the later, are they assuming a bare trailer without brakes? If the trailer has hydraulic brakes, would this increase the tow rating?
  2. phillman5

    Actual city and Highway MPG for 2019 AWD?

    That helps, not really split between highway and city, but I can see some can get 27 to 28, but mostly 26.
  3. phillman5

    Actual city and Highway MPG for 2019 AWD?

    Hey guys and gals, it doesn't have to be a Titanium, any trim level with the 2.0 L turbo. Someone Edge owner must have some records as to MPG.
  4. phillman5

    Does Ford update its software?

    Gadgetjq "Suggestion, while negotiating for that '19 Titanium ask them to throw in all available current updates if any plus updates for the next couple of years. " Good idea for present updates!! I found a used one in a state close by. So updates in the future is probably not in the cards.
  5. Looking at a 2019 Edge AWD Titanium. My experience with Honda is they never seem to update device software. Say for instance the Lane Keep Assist, my 2015 does have some problems, it follows the highway lines, so my 2015 likes to take the freeway exits. I was told the software on the 2016 was much better, so why doesn't Honda update the software in the 2015? So my question, does Ford update the software for systems like this for older models.? Evidently I've read many news reports that Tesla is constantly doing this for their owners.
  6. Looking at a 2019 Edge AWD Titanium. My Honda CRV does NOT get even close to the HiWay milage rating and I am not lead footed and mostly use cruise. So I am wonder what real world users are getting with the 2019 Edge AWD 2.0L turbo, in City and HiWay milage. Please forget a 'mixed' number, I think that is meaningless.
  7. And where in the sam H E double tooth pick are you going to buy a stick? Some manufactures still offer sticks, but usually only in the lowest trim with the smallest engines.