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    Lowered 2016 sport awd stereo upgrade

    Yeah it hits pretty good. I wanted to keep it discreet as possible and still have a little bit of trunk space. And being able to take one of the boxes out if I need more room helps.
  2. Here are some photos of my installation of two Kenwood and one Kenwood amplifier using the I data Maestro. I replaced the door speakers what is Rockford Fosgate T2s and 2Skar DDX 10in subs. And a NorthStar Agm battery and 0ga Ofc sky high audio power wire. I also installed 4 coiling fans and cut a vent on the floor to push all the hot air out.
  3. hi there just wanted to introduce my new to me 2016 ford edge sport with 25k miles. I just had it lowered with H&R springs and I am very pleased. Next upgrade will be the stereo not sure when.
  4. clark

    2016 EDGE SPORT With H&R Springs.

    Thanks stereo upgrade Kenwood DSP and sub amp and replace all the speakers and that should be it. 😃.
  5. Here is some photos of my 2016 edge sport lowered with H&R springs.