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    ZFG Tune

    I have lms 91 and e30 tune which I’ve heard are comparable to unleashed. Maybe it’s different now. I also have zfg 91 and e50. My zfg 91 feels comparable to lms e30, I wasn’t impressed with lms 91. The zfg e50 is unreal and traction issues are there. I am at 5600 ft. I only have a dragy of lms 91 and e30. Going to do one on zfg 91 since that’s what I’m running for winter. I also will do an e50 once I switch back. I’ve been meaning to do dynos but since Covid my shops not open on the weekend which is the only time I can do them.
  2. Adawg

    New Owner from CO!

    Hey guys, Just picked up a new 2016 Ford Edge Sport last night. Loved the car so much really didn't get much sleep thinking about it and future mods. I am looking forward to learning as much as I can from everyone.