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  1. dolsen

    ZFG Tune

    Well I got the E50 tune dialed in from Torrie at Unleashed. I have to say I'm VERY impressed with the tune. I also have a 93 octane tune from Torrie and the driveability of the E50 tune is just like stock. The driveability of the 93 tune isn't terrible, or even bad, but you can tell it is an aftermarket tune. The shifting strategy of the E50 tune is incredibly smooth. Unfortunately I don't have Dragy or dyno, or track results to back it up, but I would imagine the improvements are at least in line with (but probably better as he has an E30 tune and I have an E50 tune) the Dragy results posted by @CrackedDSM on his November 15th posts in this thread. Has anyone ever had issues dialing in the Waste Gate parameters during tuning? Torrie asked if I had ever done any turbo work because the turbo control values look weird. To the best of my knowledge the vehicle is 100% stock, but I also bought it with 76k miles.
  2. dolsen

    ZFG Tune

    Do you test at every fill up? that seems like it would be a real pain, and technically that one test is only good until they get their next shipment of E85
  3. dolsen

    ZFG Tune

    Well I went to the station which has E85 (only guaranteed from 51-87%, so that's off putting) Filled up the tune, moved to a parking spot and uploaded the tune. Shortly after I ran a datalog and sent it back to Torrie. Waiting to get my first revision And I am off from there. Does anyone measure their Ethanol content?
  4. dolsen

    ZFG Tune

    What's the best way to upload an Ethanol tune? Do it at the house then calmly drive to the gas station, fill it up then change the tune? some other way?
  5. dolsen

    ZFG Tune

    FYI, Unleashed Performance does do Ethanol tunes, I just purchased an E50 tune from Torrie
  6. dolsen

    ZFG Tune

    I have no idea why I didn't think to ask him... I just assumed he didn't write them and I honestly don't know why. Thanks for the suggestion.
  7. I am not sure how many options are available for the Edge ST, but it is fairly limited
  8. dolsen

    Oil Life Monitor % ?

    I'm not going to pretend to know what all goes into the calculations, although I'm sure someone on this board knows. But I believe the oil change indicator does not come on until 10% oil life left. The main factors you left out of your visual and olfactory analysis are lubricity and cooling ability of the oil, neither of which are easily detectable by the 5 human senses without the right tools. Oil changes are "cheap enough" that I wouldn't try to stretch it past what the car says is the usable life.
  9. OR They could just remove touch screens altogether. Better stick with a 2020 or older then. You know what's funny, you talk about a 12" screen being the size of a computer monitor, me and everyone I work with bitches about having to use a 15" laptop screen because it's too small haha. So a 12" screen is no good at all for electronics except in a car I suppose. Too big to be a phone and too small to be a computer. There's no point to that, I just find it interesting.
  10. dolsen

    I don't like the "new" Aviator" and "Corsair".

    I generally think Ford's styling has been very lackluster since about 2015, but I think the Corsair and the Aviator are a couple of "bright spots" in that regard. I hate the rear end styling of the explorer, although the ST we bought is growing on me.
  11. dolsen

    2021 Edge Order Guide

    HAHA, nah I didn't mean anything negative by that comment. It was just all of the back and forth of the thread up to that point was about the trans.
  12. dolsen

    2021 Edge Order Guide

    It'll be interesting to see what kind of trans ends up in that
  13. dolsen

    2021 Edge Order Guide

    If I am not mistaken, vehicle weight matters A LOT as well. I believe there is about a 1000 lb difference. If vehicle weight does in fact matter (correct me if I am wrong), it may not need to get a beefed up version of the 8F35.
  14. dolsen

    2021 Edge Order Guide

    Interesting... with it putting out much less torque and being a smaller vehicle, I doubt it would get the same 7 speed the ST is getting, but I clearly know very little about transmissions 😅
  15. dolsen

    2021 Edge Order Guide

    HAHA, I guess you didn't read much of this thread.