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  1. I think you need to wait and see if it is possible to swap a 2019+ nautilus cluster in there. If you had a 15-18, I would say for the MKX cluster
  2. dolsen

    Unleashed tuning charging for tune update?

    I think post tuning support is more like "hey, my car is acting funny since I used your tune, any chance you could take a look at datalogs?" I've tuned 3 or 4 cars using unleashed with no issue, and even had one of them retuned about a year after the initial tune for no charge, but this was a case of the car acting up with the tune, not a retune for adding new parts.
  3. dolsen

    Couple FMIC questions before I pull the trigger.

    This! This is the gold that people join forums for. This is an excellent reply.
  4. dolsen

    Couple FMIC questions before I pull the trigger.

    I could be wrong, but I believe the idea behind the FMIC isn't to add power, but to prevent the loss of power, which I believe you were alluding to. This helps keep the intake air cooler, and in turn allows the engine to run more advanced timing than if you keep the stock intercooler and allow IAT's to go up when pushing hard or sitting still.
  5. Disconnect the battery for 30 minutes and reconnect
  6. dolsen

    2021 Edge ST Tune

    I always though it was pretty amazing how quickly he responded to all of my purchases and even post purchase questions. Even a year after my first purchase he responded to a question I had within a couple of hours
  7. dolsen

    ZFG Tune

    So revisiting this, I recently filled up the edge with E85 and 87 octane because the gas station was out of 93. So to make up for the lower octane fuel, I added a gallon of E85 on top of what my calculations were to fill up the tank (I think it was supposed to be 9 gal E85 and 4 gal 87, so instead I did 10:3). Based on our conversation I assumed my vehicle would pull timing and be slower due to the decreased octane used, so my preconceived notions going into this was that it would "feel" slower. But it turns out the opposite was the case. The car felt faster and felt like it pulled harder. This is likely due to the increased ethanol content. Does the octane of the fuel make a difference in how much timing advance there is in an ethanol tune? sure. But as the concentration of ethanol goes up, the octane of the fuel used to mix becomes more and more negligible. If you're fine tuning a pure drag car, sure the octane is likely very important, but for an ethanol tuned DD, I find it hard to believe that fuel octane matters, at least on an E50 tune. Maybe and E30 the octane of the gasoline is a much bigger deal, but not so much on a powerful, but conservatively tuned E50 DD.
  8. dolsen

    2021 Edge ST Tune

    I could be wrong but I think he is referring to the ST-Line (2.0L turbo), not the ST (2.7 TT)
  9. dolsen

    2021 Edge ST Tune

    I have never used any of those tuners besides Unleashed, and I have nothing but good things to report as far as performance, drivabililty, and reliability, but that is not to say the other 3 are not worth your time or money. After the reading and research I have done, I would choose ZFG next if I couldn't have unleashed. That's my 2 cents
  10. dolsen

    Tyre suggestions for EDGE ST 2020

    There are very few tires in 265/40/21, so the choices are slim. I have never run anything other than the OEM Perelli verde, but I feel they leave a lot to be desired. The only other tire I have really considered is the Uniroyal Tiger Paw, because I need all season tires.
  11. Hey man, I understand that. Gotta figure out what your time is worth, and if it's worth spending the money to get more time with the family, then I am 100% on board with that
  12. If you have any mechanical inclination at all, spark plugs are very easy to replace yourself. I am a big guy with big hands and I did struggle a little to get the back side plugs, but with plenty of extensions and swivel sockets, it really wasn't a bad job. I cannot speak for the t-stat
  13. dolsen

    ZFG Tune

    So from a purely chemical perspective, octane is an 8 carbon hydrocarbon and ethanol is a 2 carbon hydrocarbon with an alcohol component attached (an OH in place of an H). With that said, maybe the butchered government definition of octane is different, but octane ratings and ethanol content are not one in the same, but I could see how you can draw an equivalent octane cooling capacity and translate ethanol content to octane (hence the fact that E85 is the equivalent of 113 octane). So, short of redefining octane, I do not agree with your statement, and if I am running an E50 tune, I expect to be able to run a combination of 87 octane fuel (with 10% ethanol content) mixed with E85 (85% ethanol content) to the appropriate mixture to get E50 fuel. However, I still mix 93 and E85, because I am not a chemist and I do not fully understand how it all works. I'm frugal not stupid 😆
  14. dolsen

    ZFG Tune

    I have long wondered, does the octane of the gasoline you use, matter when mixing for an ethanol blend? For example, is there a difference in using 87 gas vs 93 gas (assuming both have an ethanol concentration of 10%) when mixing with E85 to create E30/E50 etc?
  15. dolsen

    Mileage when taking delivery

    You also have to consider that there are several vehicles taken off of the assembly line every day that go for a long drive on the road (referred to as the 20 miles drive) or are sometimes driven by Ford management. Ford management is allowed to take cars off the assembly line to drive home and back to the plant the next day (must live within I believe 30 miles of the factory). And in turn they have to write up a report for any defects or issues they find. It's another layer of QC, which I believe is a good thing. Frankly I wouldn't worry about mileage until you get into several hundred miles. You don't know how many test drives these things go on, and I think they can still be sold new so long as there are less than 5000 miles on the odo.