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  1. dolsen

    Rear caliper wont retract

    My 2015 also has screw in calipers. I just replaced the rear brakes on mine about 2 weeks ago.
  2. dolsen

    Upgraded Lug nuts ?

    Lol I have no idea, I've never heard of that one myself
  3. I would love to see if that Sync 4 could be swapped into my 2015 Edge... Most likely not but it would be pretty cool. I'm dumb enough to upgrade my 2015 edge sport for the 2021 based on the Sync 4 and 7 speed trans alone. Those gauges are terrible though. Maybe you could actually swap the all digital Nautilus cluster into it.
  4. Looks like the 2021 Edge is up on the build and price website.
  5. Well I got a little lazy with my maintenance so I am making up for it now. I replaced the spark plugs around 105k miles (currently at 120k, bought it at 75k) but I have never replaced to PTU or RDU fluid. So I had to PTU and RDU both changed 2 days ago and I purchased a new paper air filter, cabin air filter, rear wipe blade, and brakes for all 4 wheels from Rockauto (still waiting for all of those to arrive). Rears are squeaking and the fronts are vibrating from warping. Also had my oil changed at it's normal interval. I have not flushed the coolant or the trans fluid yet, but I need to look at doing both very soon.
  6. dolsen

    ZFG 91 tune

    After reading a little on the website, I am interested in this product for the lubricity properties. I'll have to do a little more research, because while it all seems great, I am also getting all of my info from the guy trying to sell me something. Thanks for sharing
  7. dolsen

    ZFG 91 tune

    I'm curious about this, can you expand on this please? I think there is pretty solid evidence that DI engines do not have the ability to clean the back side (top side?) of valves, but if there is something else that prevents this build up, even in a non-port/DI combo, then I think it is worth discussing. To be frank, I don't think anyone is going to just "take your word for it" or call Brian. I am not saying you are wrong or that you are a liar, but it's awfully hard to go on blind faith on this topic.
  8. dolsen

    ZFG 91 tune

    I find it very hard to believe you will be ok with a 40 minute round trip for more than one or two fill ups. I don't think the performance gain would be big enough to justify it.
  9. dolsen

    WTS 21 stock rims

    Where are you located?
  10. dolsen

    2017 Edge Sport XDI HPFP, Livernois Tuner, etc

    What is the engine brace? Is it like a strut tower brace?
  11. dolsen

    2020 Engine Temperature

    Yes, your words are not saying zero, but your responses clearly show that you are treating airflow as zero. You are correct, it is not designed to be a primarily air-cooled engine, but that is a part of the equation you cannot remove, regardless of how hard you try, and I if I was a betting man, I believe Ford engineers would take the air cooling benefits into consideration when designing the engines/vehicles. If pushing air across the radiator was the only means of cooling needed, then you wouldn't see cars overheat when doing burnouts or on dynos. Surely you can understand there is a huge difference in using 95+ degree ambient air with an RH of 80%+ trying to air cool an engine vs 0 degree (or colder) air, regardless of RH to air cool an engine, especially at normal driving speeds. Also, you tend to speak in absolutes. How can you make the statement that air cooling is not a consideration when @waldo posted an excerpt from the service manual stating that a secondary function of the shutter is to shorten engine warm up time? That certainly proves that Ford engineers did in fact take airflow (air-cooling) into consideration.
  12. dolsen

    2020 Engine Temperature

    But the grill shutters prevent air flow through the radiator when they're closed, allowing the engine to warm up faster. Keeping the thermostat closed until the coolant reaches 180 degrees also helps the engine warm up faster. I was lumping the cooling system and the engine together as one with regards to air flow and cooling capacity, but I agree with efficient vs inefficient with regards to airflow around the engine. However with the shutters being directly in front of the radiator, the argument about airflow is still very relevant, especially in cold climates. If you live in south FL where the temp rarely goes below 80, sure the shutters will likely have little effect on warm up. but if you live in Canada or Alaska where it is commonly below 0 degrees Farenheit, certainly airflow around the engine, even with a closed thermostat, will draw off a lot of heat. Less efficient heat transfer does not mean zero heat transfer. Warm up times will greatly depend on speed of travel, engine speed, engine load, ambient air temp and humidity, and elevation among a host of other factors I am sure. Ford cannot control any of those external factors aside from volume flow rate of air around the engine, unless they choose to program vehicle operation before warm up (i.e. set limits on speed and throttle input, etc.).
  13. dolsen

    2020 Engine Temperature

    Enlighten us. I am not arguing with you, I am sharing my understanding of the working world that I have gained through education and practical experience. If you understand it differently or know something that we don't, then share. Don't get upset and clam up. I am in this to learn, not win an argument.
  14. dolsen

    I don't like the "new" Aviator" and "Corsair".

    It always made me think of a whale showing its baleen