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    Sport Paddle shifting.

    Thank you so much! And weird question, can I switch from S to D while driving or do I have to be stopped?
  2. ColleenD2

    Sport Paddle shifting.

    Can you explain this more to me please? I am new here. I have a 2018 Edge SEL with tow package, I am towing about 2,500 lbs of cute little trailer and know nothing about cars but am willing to learn. Should I have the car in S or D when I tow? I’ve tried both. If S, should I be using the paddles all the time? I do know how to drive a stick so should I treat it like that? If I don’t use paddles but have it in S am I doing it wrong? Sometimes the RPMs just go up really high in either mode and it scares the heck out of me and then they fall back down but it really really revs, especially in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri where I camp often. I asked the dealer to check it and they just said there were no reports about an issue. This makes me so nervous when it revs up like that and I am usually the driver and my husband is an artist so he can paint a pic of the car but he is no help. I appreciate any advice. Thanks!
  3. ColleenD2

    3500 lbs towing

    We have the tow package and tow a little loaded Teardrop and don’t have any issues but if you don’t have the tow package, stick to 2,000 pounds or you will trash your transmission and void the 100,000 mile warranty.
  4. ColleenD2

    Tow in Drive or Sport Mode?

    I can’t get that to open, any suggestions?