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  1. 2015 4cyl titanium AWD. Has anyone towed 3500 lbs with this set up? Looking to move across the country and tow a little U-Haul with some supplies in it. Route would be from MN to FL so a few hills from Kentucky to Georgia.
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    Transmission Flush at 30k

    I just mix all of mine together brake fluid, diff, tranny, motor oil, its all petroleum based and most of it get burned here in Minnesota for heat. I have done the drain on fill on previous cars.
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    Transmission Flush at 30k

    RIght I agree that 150k is too high, for $175-200 ill just pay to have it done, easier then messing with it at home and buying supplies.
  4. Dealer told me $650 for a 30k service which includes “cleaning the brakes” – never heard or done that in my life, tranny flush, and checking the air filters, obviously I told him F%&# NO I’m not paying/doing that, especially when ford says the tranny fluid is good for 150k. I can wrench on my own cars and have been for years, but one thing I can’t do is a tranny flush. Of you that have done the tranny flush how much did you pay and where? And is it possible to do it at home? This is my first automatic, I have always had manuals, so when I have done tranny fluid in the past it’s a drain and fill.
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    2015 edge 2.0 new

    Do i have a oil cooler? or transmission cooler? I have searched everywhere and cant find answers.
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    Floor Mats and Rear Cargo

    I have a black set front and rear with limited use. These things are crazy durable, will take 100$ plus shipping.
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    2015 edge 2.0 new

    Cool thanks for that, so looks like the 2.0 does get a bigger radiator and fans with the tow package. I think ill be fine with the light trailer i'm pulling. All you guys just running semi-synthetic oil? I run fully synthetic in my bmw but i DD and track the car so it gets quite a beating, i dont feel like the ford really needs fully synthetic.
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    2015 edge 2.0 new

    just picked up a 2015 2.0 with 21k miles but have a few questions. It did not come with a hitch but we might tow a small trailer, is there any difference in transmission / radiator cooler for the tow package vs non? trailer would be under 1500 lbs. what hidden features are there? side note: we have a titanium with the 302A package
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