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    Towing RV?

    The max I towed with my edge is probably 1,500 lbs but I know it can tow at least 3500lbs but don't want to go over that since this is not made for towing. 6500lbs seems too heavy in my opinion.
  2. You need to set it up with your directional pad. Have part number 7L3Z-19G364-AA : https://www.levittownfordparts.com/sku/7l3z-19g364-aa.html for my edge and it did pre-heat the chairs but I'm not sure with aftermarket since I own OEM.
  3. Meanwhile, I use my dog's blower...
  4. pourout

    Driving in La La Land

    Haha clicked this right away when I saw lala land! I would also get to see some random yet funny things on the road but never did I copied it. This gave me an idea..