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  1. Definitely not anti-collision (but that's another gripe I have for exiting traffic in front of me!) Yes, with no car in front of me I can accel to faster then let off accel pedal and it goes back to the set-point speed. I don't think that it good or necessary either so I consider it a defective idea by Ford. Simple rules work best = "driver always has ultimate authority". I should not have stated that it's "putting on the brake" - likely it's overriding the accelerator command from the pedal so it is just not allowing me to get any closer than the 4 bar setting. (I use that mainly at night in sparse traffic on long trips so the situation is rare. Like you I'm usually at 1 bar so there's not enough room for such a situation to occur anyway. ) Good idea - I'll pose the "gripe" in my signature line.
  2. I get some acceleration but then I feel the brake coming on so it's definitely "fighting" me.
  3. I'm baffled why Ford decided to allow adaptive cruise control (not sure if this is true in non-adaptive mode?) to remain engaged when I step on the accelerator pedal? Stepping on either pedal should disengage CC and instantly assert my authority over the machine. E.G. if I'm following another vehicle at a "4 bar" setting and need to speed up slightly in order to change lanes it won't let me unless I reduce the bars or manually disengage via button or touching the brake. I would surmise that this defect is correctable in software. How can I change it?
  4. Just my opinion but they could have made it a lot simpler by having the steering wheel heat on whenever any of the three driver seat heat levels are on.
  5. Mikey

    2019 Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck

    Thanks for trying it, I wish more people would. Yes, I should have pointed out that I also noticed the smooth acceleration when hitting "resume" on CC from a slow speed though, for a large difference between speed at engagement and the set speed, it's acceleration is far more aggressive than I generally drive so it was more difficult to use as a comparison than with the stop and go traffic scenario (given there is a smooth driver in front of you).
  6. Mikey

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    (~5000 mi, 2019 Titanium, scheduled for service for the software update TSB Jan 4th) Here's a comparison everyone with adaptive CC can try to confirm about something I noticed that could be a clue. I too get the weird symptoms of "jumpiness", harsh shifting and/or "surge" no matter how gently I try to accelerate from a stop up to under ~20mph BUT ... I do not notice anything like it when using adaptive CC in stop and go traffic. IMO that difference seems to point to an issue concerning how command data from the accelerator pedal position encoder is being handled differently by the PCM (power or engine control module or whatever it's called?) than command data from the adaptive CC "module". It would be interesting if others with the problem notice this same difference? (Side note - I generally don't use adaptive CC in rush hour multi lane stop and go traffic because the ride will never be smoother than that of the aggressive jerk in front of me. 😮 )
  7. Mikey

    2019 Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck

    I think I may have discovered an interesting clue related to this problem. I now have 5000 miles on my 2019 Titanium and it still exhibits the same buck/surge behavior at slow speed that it did on day one. However, I was recently sitting in a long line of stop and go snail trail traffic so I decided to try out using the adaptive cruise control for it. It was pretty much working as expected, (your ride is no smoother than how the guy in front of you is starting and stopping), but then I realized I wasn't feeling any buck or surge sensation when starting out from a full stop. So it got me thinking, what are the differences between the accelerator pedal's encoder's signal to the PCM versus the adaptive cruise control's signal to the PCM? Perhaps the latter bypasses the "adaptive learning" software which appears to be central to this issue? Anyhow I just now called the service dept where I bought the car and got a service appointment for Jan 6th to get the TSB 19-2331 fix. Almost 2 months for a software update! It makes me wonder - if they can continuously beam down mountains of navigation data to me, why can't they beam down the software update for my transmission? A little pop-up on the screen says "You've got mail! Ford wants to reprogram your car. Press okay to continue."