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  1. Thanks all for your responses. I had never heard of Forscan. Now I downloaded a copy and have ordered an ELM327 adapter. It will be interesting hacking into the Edge. Professionally I do something like that for Tesla vehicles (mostly Roadsters and S) which are loaded with electronics. I just wanted a nice vehicle for family use but it looks like I just can't avoid the reverse engineering role.
  2. The Edge has a "feature" that does a horn double honk if I exit the vehicle with the engine running and the key fob in my pocket. Is there any way to disable this "feature"? I hate it! If I stop at our community mailbox late at night, I needlessly disturb the neighbors. A Chevy Equinox that I'm currently renting also does this but the honks are much more brief and tolerable.
  3. I just tried to establish WiFi comms with my Edge & router. I have a 64 byte WPA key (I know, stinkin long) that includes the | character (vertical bar, 7C hex or 174 octal). I didn't find it in the choice of characters! Of course it was the 60th character to enter. Any thoughts? I know - change my key to QWERTY 🙂 Guess I should mention I have rev 1.1 Build 15349.
  4. ksquared

    Touchy brakes

    Hi I have a 2016 Titanium V6 with 10,200 miles. We got it 2.5 months ago and my wife and I really like it. One thing I've noticed, however, is the brakes are really sensitive. They work fine but when pulling into a parking spot, it is sometimes difficult to stop smoothly. I kinda have to concentrate on it or it sort of grabs (and makes me look like a newbie). Stopping from speed is fine. I'm comparing it to my Z51 Corvette which has great brakes and doesn't behave this way. Is this common to the Edge?
  5. ksquared

    2016 Edge Titanium

    Well I looked long and hard at the market and decided on the Edge. I considered Jeep Grand Cherokee, Discovery, Kia Sorento, Nissan Rouge, Hyundai Santa Fe, Mazda CX-9 and VW Tiguan S. I got it about a month ago and it had 9055 miles. The main reason for getting it is we wanted something that can hold more than 2 people. Our other car is a Corvette. The Edge is really nice and civilized. It has the 3.5l-6. It manages ok on freeways but does not approach what the Vette can do. So far, I'm averaging 21.4 mpg. I would have thought it would be better than that. My Vette gets 21.1. So far, I've removed removed the front license plate holder and installed floor mats. It's a coincidence but just about everything we have is red (Edge, Vette & 3 motorcycles).