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  1. My double honk is back. I got to thinking that maybe my horn was not working and that is the reason for not getting the double honk. I went out this morning and after starting the Edge I tried the horn. Nothing! I went to my local Ford dealer and the wiring connector for the the horn was not fully snapped in and secured. The dealer said it could of been that way from the factory and it got jostled around after going over numerous bumps over the past year. The wiring connector is secured and snapped in place now. The horn works and the double honk is back. Sync 3 version 3 update and the horn not working were just coincidence.
  2. Rick369

    Duratec water pump failure / replacement, what a PIA!

    My owners manual for my 2017 3.5L AWD Titanium says the following. “Initial replacement at six years or 100000 miles (160000 kilometers), then every three years or 50000 miles (80000 kilometers).” If there are so many water pump failures with 3.5L engines, why wouldn’t Ford recommend earlier coolant changes if that is an easy, cost effective way to extended the water pump life?
  3. I just went out to the Edge and tested it twice. There is no longer a double honk after I exit the Edge while it is running with the key in my pocket. All the doors are fully closed. My wife has the second key in her dresser drawer, which I verified is there. The double honk stopped after I updated Sync 3 with version 3.
  4. I have a 2017 Titanium AWD. I updated Sync 3 to version 3.0 a few weeks ago. After the update, I noticed that I no longer get the double horn beep after closing the driver front door after exiting, while the engine is still running. The key is in my pants pocket and not in the vehicle.
  5. Rick369

    Duratec water pump failure / replacement, what a PIA!

    What is considered a “regular coolant change”?
  6. Rick369

    Any takers for the Elite?

    That’s the way the Titanium model should of been offered in the first place with the redesign of 2015. If you are spending more money on an up level trim package, it should be differentiated from the lower level trim models. I have a 2017 Titanium AWD in white gold and would of liked it to look like the Titanium Elite trim does on the 2019 model. I think all that lower level exterior black plastic, cheapens up the look of the Edge.
  7. Rick369

    Can't figure out how to lock display

    Was the 2017 you bought new or pre-owned? If it was pre-owned, you probably need to program the key to your preferences. The process to do that is contained in your owners manual.
  8. Rick369

    2017 Edge recall

    Not all Edge’s built between those dates are affected. Only the 2017 Edge with the 2.0L EcoBoost Engine. Does not affect the 3.5L NA Engine or the 2.7L EcoBoost Engine.
  9. Is your Edge still under warranty? If you are still having problems, take your Edge to a Ford dealer and have them download the latest version of Sync 3.
  10. Rick369

    New 2015 Owner

    3.5L or 2.0 Ecoboost engine? AWD or front wheel drive? What is the exterior and interior color?