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    Blower motor speed changing on own

    Old topic, but did you ever resolve this issue ? Our 2013 SEL is doing the same thing now.... Anybody ?
  2. Sammydad1

    No Start, No Crank, No Power

    2013 Edge SEL.... Began with sluggish crank, then went to clickety clickety on crank, then nothing. Replaced battery which was still under 5 year warranty.... no change, still dead.... Ended up at stealership....after 2 days they decided the fuses on the positive terminal block had blown.... Then the technician doesn't even close the red cover or apply new grease or corrosion resist stuff....my wife was Pissed !! Gave the service manager at wayne akers ford a solid polite earful !! Now we know what happens when those fuses blow....tho not sure why they blew.... Thinking I am going to order a spare to keep in glove box just in case.... The parts / fuses are like $20-$30 online for advertised Ford oem item.....
  3. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I opened the housing and found the bulb was loose in the housing. I reinserted the bulb/socket and hopefully locked it in place fully....it wouldn't turn any further... The light image on the garage wall now matches the passenger side.... SD1
  4. Hi, Decided to go hands-on tonite and opened up the rear cover behind the headlight bulb.... Apparently the bulb had managed to loosen itself in the housing so the bulb was sorta dangling inside the headlight assembly leading to the weird light pattern on the garage wall.... I was able to get it re-locked in place and the pattern now matches the passenger side.... Hopefully it stays locked in place.... SD1
  5. Our 2013 SEL driver's headlight bulb lights up fine, but the image seems to have a blob or something in the central part of the image. The passenger side headlight displays fine.... Almost seems like the inside of the lens needs to be cleaned or replaced entirely.... Anybody have any suggestions or similar scenario ? Thanks.... Sammydad1 new member, not a noob
  6. Hi, Did you get any resolution to this ? Our 2013 SEL driver's side headlight inner lens seems to have a blob or something blocking the center part of the light.... Bulb lights up fine, just very little light from central part of the lens.... Thanks !! SD1