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  1. I wasnt sure, so i bought just in case but after further reading, it appears if u live in canada or california u will need them. Otherwise, no
  2. I just recently bought these along with the anti-flicker modules and it all fit inside with the caps put back on
  3. I recently upgraded my bulbs to LED and noticed this. I first thought it was a bulb issue, so i swapped bulb sides and it still is the same. The headlights turn on, but there is very little light on the drivers side. I was in a fender bender a few years ago where there was some damage done to the front drivers side. I dont think the headlight needed replacing but wondering if there might be some kind of internal damage thats causing it to appear like its not working
  4. ravishingrocket

    Smart Charging USB ports

    I puchased this and the outlet is far too big to fit the front passenger spot on my 2013 Edge. Maybe the space is a little bit bigger in the 2015+ Edge? It does appear it will fit the rear of the center console for the 2nd row. I will posts pics when i get around to installing
  5. ravishingrocket

    Smart Charging USB ports

    I found the part number for the dual usb outlet. FB5Z-19A495-AA
  6. ravishingrocket

    Smart Charging USB ports

    Bump. Anyone have part numbers or links to the dual usb outlet covers? I cant seem to find them
  7. ravishingrocket

    Liftgate latch

    Has anyone else had gasket material ooze out around the liftgate latch? I have cut away gasket before but more just slowy squeezes out
  8. 2013 SEL. I think i want to jump strait to sync 3. Sure, lets see some pics
  9. Thank you for the detailed response. How did you know to get harness type B?
  10. ravishingrocket

    USB swap

    I think that was it. Thanks!
  11. What was this custom harness you bought? Can you provide a link? I was thinking about swapping over to the 8 screen setup. Thanks
  12. ravishingrocket

    USB swap

    I tried searching, but nothing came up. I remember reading a post where someone swapped out the cig lighter port for an oem usb port. Can anyone link me to that thread or know of an oem style port i can purchase? Thanks
  13. I am in need of a replacement passenger side mirror and was wondering if I could install a mirror with BLIS and it work plug n play or does it require extra stuff from the factory? My 2013 Edge did not come with BLIS. Thanks
  14. ravishingrocket

    Frustration with Ford delivery information

    I had a similar experience when i ordered my edge back in 2013. Dealership was nice and informative until i handed over money for deposit then gave me the run around. Was told car would arrive in 4-6 weeks. Took over 10 weeks