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  1. Hello All, I have a 2011 Ford Edge and the climate control is not working at all via the touch screen. The control panel below my touch screen works, so I can turn the climate control on from there but the buttons within the climate control section of the touch screen do not work at all. So I cannot change what vents the air is coming out of and my heated seats will not turn on. The other odd thing is when I touch the screen the animation showing the button depressing happens, so I feel like the input is being recieved but no output is happening. Everything else on my screen works completely fine, steering wheel controls, I can blue tooth my phone, listen to music, make/accept calls. I have FORscan and went ahead and performed a self test on the following modules: APIM - PASS FCIM - PASS IPC - PASS HVAC - PASS I also performed module resets on: APIM - Success with no errors FCIM - Success with no errors IPC - Success with no errors HVAC - Success with no errors Body Control Module - Success with no errors I purchased a dealer service manual but wanted to post this problem here, I did try to search this issue but came up dry. Please let me know your thoughts or other trouble shooting steps that I may have missed. Thanks, Joe
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    Hello all, my name is Joe, I have joined this forum to try to understand problems with my sisters 2011 Ford Edge. I am very mechanically inclined, I enjoy actually diagnosing problems and not just throwing parts at a broken car, enjoy fabrication / tinkering, and smoking food. Cars that I own are: 2016 Chevy SS - No Mods 2002 Ford Ranger Edge - Auto has been swapped with 5-speed because the auto blew up and it was cheaper to swap the 5-speed 1994 Eagle Summit Wagon - Started out as a 4g64 NA engine and I turbo swapped it this past summer. It is a a very nice car to drive in traffic and has low time to torque 1983 Datsun 280zx turbo - Engine has been rebuilt, bigger everything, then blew it up, currently waiting for me to start rebuilding it all again I am interested in browsing through this forum and hopefully solving the issues my sister is having with her car, I have FORscan and have already scanned for codes and purchased a dealers manual from eManualsonline. Thanks and take care!