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  1. TXHoss

    O2 Sensors, DTC P0036

    Thanks for all your help Haz!
  2. TXHoss

    O2 Sensors, DTC P0036

    I have read about this code and the TSB 18-2212 for PCM reprogramming. Since the reprogramming is $190 at my dealership, I figured I might as well replace the sensor to see if it is the actual issue. Can someone show me where sensor 2 (downstream) is on the 2016 2.0L? Thanks!!!
  3. TXHoss

    Greetings from Central Oregon!

    Welcome, this is a great forum. I joined last year after getting my 2016 SEL. I am also in Bend, so I know exactly what you mean about the cinder! :)
  4. Thanks, I already have all the procedures downloaded to replace it. Just wondering if there is something else I can do to diagnose it. And wondering why the code says "Incorrect Bulb Fitted"?
  5. I have a 2016 Edge SEL. Ran codes today and found this one below. I started the car and verified brake lights work, but not the high mounted one. I checked fuses and didn't see anything, which I didn't expect because other brake lights work. What else should I check? Is there a Ford manual on how to replace this light? It is still under my used car warranty, but want to check everything first as our only local dealer is backed up for weeks. Thanks! Code: B1115 - High Mounted Stop Lamp Control, Incorrect Current Consumption, Suspect Incorrect Bulb Fitted Additional Fault Symptom: - Circuit Short to Battery or Open Status: - Previously Set DTC - Not Present at Time of Request - Malfunction Indicator Lamp if Off for this DTC - Test not complete
  6. TXHoss

    New Owner of 2016 Edge, what maintenance?

    Thanks Gadgetjq. I will be doing mine as well shortly. Manual says 11.8oz for the PTU. So maybe keep track of how much you are actually adding as well to verify that. 😉
  7. TXHoss

    New Owner of 2016 Edge, what maintenance?

    Thanks guys. I had the dealership flush tranny and coolant before I ever picked it up. I changed the oil myself and added a Fumoto valve. Last thing left is PTU change with Motorcraft fluid. I bought a new jack and jack pad, just need to find a good place to put the jack stands in the front and then find the time. 😉
  8. TXHoss

    New Owner of 2016 Edge, what maintenance?

    Thought I would provide a pic of my Edge that I finally picked up last Thursday. Sorry for the bad picture but the only one I have now. 2016 Edge SEL Black/Black Leather with Black wheels and grill.
  9. TXHoss


  10. TXHoss

    New Owner of 2016 Edge, what maintenance?

    Roger that. Thanks for the info!!!
  11. TXHoss

    New Owner of 2016 Edge, what maintenance?

    One more question. I looked at the maintenance schedule in the manual and the tranny fluid shows 150K for the first change. Do I really need to change the fluid at 44K miles?
  12. TXHoss

    New Owner of 2016 Edge, what maintenance?

    Thanks GadgetJQ. Once I get the car I will have to get under it to see the transmission. I will see how much the dealership will charge since they flush it and it is done.
  13. TXHoss

    New Owner of 2016 Edge, what maintenance?

    lildisco, thanks for the advice. I think the only fluid I can't change is the tranny, but I should be able to do all the others. For air filters, does everyone use K&N or just standard paper? For the SYNC3 update, we have iPhones. How do I upgrade the USB hub like you are referring to? (I am a techie moron). Thanks.
  14. First post here. Couldn't find anything on this with my limited search. I am purchasing a 2016 Ford Edge SEL (2L ECO, AWD) with 44K miles next week. I have read a little and know I need to change the PTU fluid, which I should be able to do myself since I believe Ford put a drain plug in 2016. Any other standard maintence I should do after purchase? I have already checked the VIN and there are zero recalls from Ford or NHTSA. Appreciate the help!