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Black Ford Wheel Skins loose?


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I have a 2016 Edge SEL with the black Ford wheel skins (plastic covers).  I noticed one is very loose on the wheel.  Took it off and checked all tabs are there and I don't see any apparent issues.  Are the tabs just stressed over time and now loose or am I missing something?  Is there a way to fix this?  Maybe take a heat gun and gently bend the tabs in for more clamping force?



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Since they are likely aftermarket (Ford had chrome clad covers for some years for some wheels, but not these), they likely are not as securely attached as the Ford ones (which are over un polished wheels). They are usually made from ABS which can be heated up to 325 to bend. I use a heat gun to help form some ABS 3d printed things. They also might have double sided tape?


There are 2 different SEL wheels for 2016 (both of which have aftermarket available black skins) and they are readily available to just replace.

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Thanks.  It is boggling as there is nothing wrong with this one compared to the other 3, so no idea why it is loose.  Seems to hold onto the wheel itself really well, just wiggles back and forth.

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