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  1. i am new to this forum, but have a repeat problem with 2011 Edge SEL stalling. It has 3.5l engine and 41,000 miles. My father has driven it mostly short trips since car was new. Car stalled from August, 2019. I pro-actively replaced TB with aftermarket based on forum comments. No help. Car was at Ford dealership in Romeo, MI for 12 weeks. The charged $500 for PCM update and new O2 sensor. No help. Separate mechanic replaced all spark plugs and coils and left valve cover (oil in intake tube). No help. Car has lack of power and will stall almost every time its driven. I get codes for cylinder 1 and 4 misfire, several camshaft position sensor, throttle actuator control module processor, and O2 stuck lean. I reset the codes, drive the car some more and similar group of codes is set. Any ideas? bad PCM, bad PCM ground, alternator sending noise into system. Is an aftermarket TB supposed to fix problem?