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  1. Live n Misery

    What made you choose your Edge?

    *Edit* Bought a very nice 2016 Lincoln MKX AWD 2.7 twin turbo V6. Fancy and Fast! I love it.
  2. Live n Misery

    Fuel consumption - L/100Km or the equivalent MPG

    Hey there. I am also in Canada with a 12 Limited FWD with stock 20's and 245-50-20 tires. My fuel mileage during this past winter typically averaged about 12-14 liters per 100 kms with mixed driving in the city and hwy. Now that its warmer outside I am averaging 10-12L/100 kms and went as low as 9.4 last week on a road trip. The spark plugs were all changed a few months back and I put an AFE cold air intake which Improved throttle response and a sportier exhaust note the mileage seems slightly better from what I was getting prior to that swap. I change oil every 7-8000k and tire pressure is checked every 3-4 weeks at 35psi. Also considering my driving style... quick acceleration to get near the front of the pack on the hwy and then cruise at 120-125 kmh. How fast do you drive on the hwy? Is there typically congestion or stop and go traffic?
  3. Live n Misery

    What made you choose your Edge?

    I've been driving since I was 15 years old and have had a two car system since I was 18. My last set of cars in 2017 was a modded 05 Chrysler 300C and a 10 Mazda 3 sport hatchback but I was ready to get into newer model vehicles so I began researching different makes and models on Edmunds and test driving literally everything. I sold my 300C and bought a very low miles 16 Mustang GT with performance package and was quite impressed with the technology, handling, mileage, power, plus the great design and still get tons of compliments whenever I drive it. So I decided to sell the Mazda (it was my daily) and find something sexier and more fun to drive with more cargo room and definitely Mo power bebe ! I read about the Edge 1.5 Gen and was pretty much sold on getting a CUV. Got lucky finding an excellent condition 2012 Limited with all the options for only 6k and I've had an all Ford lineup since. Specifically the Edge checked all the boxes for me which was: Powerful V6 engine and smooth transmission Better visibility Handling Comfortable and spacious Cargo space Tech Stylish design Great mileage Reliable and low maintenance Fun to drive and good for road trips
  4. Live n Misery


    Perfect. Thanks guys! In my opinion the stock set up is too floaty and this seems to be an inexpensive way to improve the handling as I drive fairly aggressively.
  5. Live n Misery


    I'm wondering if everyone used these springs on the stock struts? Because I would like to lower my Edge without worrying about having to upgrade the shocks within a year or two...