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  1. Edgingage

    2011-2014 rust areas

    Last year I had to redo the rocker panels in 2011 SEL. So definitively an area you should soak it up.
  2. Edgingage

    open windows with key fob?

    Oh, thank you omar302.
  3. Edgingage

    open windows with key fob?

    Does that work for the 2011-14 YM, (without fordscan)?!
  4. Or maybe first just recharge the battery and see if the problem resolves. Then you'll know for sure it's the battey. Otherwise you may replace the battery prematurely and not solve the problem
  5. Edgingage

    advancetrac warning - car won't move in any gear

    Did you change the transmisión fluid (right when you bought the used vehicle)? It's due @ around 125 000 miles...
  6. Cory, I had found some same/similar on Amazon when I got your reply at better price than drive brights (around 1/3 total price including shipping). I haven't installed them yet. Wish me luck Thank you folks.
  7. Hi Enigma: Thank you for your question. The only reason I'd like brighter signature lights is for matching the color of the headlights. I do agree 110% about the hazard it represents the lights that some drivers put at front, I don't get why some do that... I'm not one of them and will not be any time soon, if ever. Thanks again for your question.
  8. Edgingage

    Front License Plate

    That's the 10th thing in my list when looking to buy a car. If it doesn't have it I walk away lol, even though it's not required where I live it MUST have a front plate frame. ...Everybody is different 😂.
  9. Edgingage

    Cargo lid max opening height

    Good idea. I'll try that, ...after the snow storm going on here. Thanks Omar! 👍.
  10. I said it, Canadian Ford (st)ealers... Glad to hear your experience. I have had the same bad luck: after many rust "proof" treatments car all rusted out. I just had to redo both rocket panels after many Krown treatments... No luck for my cars. In her case, the problem is not the warranty, she had it; her problem is the Ford stealer. If she buys a new Ford she'll be faced with the same ...overcharged extra bills, unfortunately.
  11. Edgingage

    Cargo lid max opening height

    Hello Omar and all: I just mounted a new set of gas struts for the hood. I could replace the ones for the cargo lid. However, how can I make sure that's what's preventing the lid to go to its max? I wouldn't want to replace the cargo lid struts ...and still keep banging my head lol.
  12. I know by now I shouldn't bang my head on the cargo lid; however, it still happens often enough. My 2011 SEL, when the lid opens automatically by any of the intended means (driver's push button, lid push button or key fob button) it reaches a maximum height of 66-1/2" (measured from the ground to the lowest interior lid point). But then I can push the lid by hand farther up to 71" (another 4-1/2" up) which diminishes my frequent head-banging noticeably. However, once I close and open the lid automatically again it'll travel to its "original" previously set automatic height again (66-1/2" from the floor). Does anyone know if it's possible to set/reset the cargo lid height to automatically travel to the same maximum height reached by manual push up? Please help me not banging my head anymore Thanks in advance.
  13. Edgingage

    Dimmed fog lights operating voltage?

    Enigma, I got it now! I really and greatly appreciate all your time sharing your knowledge and "spelling" it all out for me. Thanks a lot! Best regards!
  14. Edgingage

    Dimmed fog lights operating voltage?

    Enigma, thank you VERY MUCH for you reply and explanation. You answered my main question; thanks again. If you wouldn't mind to please excuse my lack of electrical knowledge, could you please explain, spell for me what the above really mean?: "...off for 30%." I don't think they're ever off with the engine running... And to be honest, I don't even know/understand what "duty cycle" is (engine, alternator, ?). But again, you DID answer my main question (full 12.6V all the time) and I DO appreciate it. It's that "70% duty cycle" (of what?) plus "off 30%" (lights, which lights?) what leaves me in limbo; I'm puzzled (my lack of knowledge, I know). I'm sorry. But I now know what I wanted to know initially; thanks again.
  15. Edgingage

    Dimmed fog lights operating voltage?

    Enigma, thank you very much for your reply. That's why I think I also read but I wasn't sure if that's regarding luminosity. So then I could interpret it as that the signature "fog" lights will operate dimmed at 12V x 70% = at 8.4V? Is my interpretation correct? Please let me know. Thanks in advance.