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  1. Do you recall how you resolved your gas smell?  Thanks

  2. Edgingage

    Replacement gas filled hood struts ?

    Well, in mine it's fairly effortless both ways. Once I release the safety latch I can use one hand to start lifting it up, the struts kick in at about 1 foot height (measured). Pretty much the same to close it down, I use one hand to push it down, and when it gets at around a foot height it actually shuts completely down itself by the same motion and weight coming down. Opening up, it slows down nicely at the end of its way up but it doesn't in its way down, it keeps constant motion coming down and no resistance from the struts in its last foot to close freely. That first foot high to open or close has no strut force or resistance. It's a beauty in action, that's why I wrote above "recommended", I should have written (to Ford) "highly recommended" lol. I made, however, a very slight variation regarding the mounting brackets position on the hood: I moved the mounting location on the hood 3/4" down (towards the rear end); that allows the hood to open up a little bit higher (maybe 1-2" higher) in its highest point (full open). Everything else was done as per Redline Tuning instructions freshly revised at the time after a correction I suggested in the instructions for the 2011-14 Edge. Go for
  3. Edgingage

    Replacement gas filled hood struts ?

    I installed Redline in my 2011 Edge SEL (had none from factory). They're doing a terrific job, amazing. But they're a little more expensive, over $100 the set of two struts plus needed hardware to install from scratch (you may need to use the struts only). Just make sure you'll replace them with the exact same length. You can email Redline with all kind of questions, they respond within 1 business day (if not the same day) they have a top notch customer care. Recommended. I'm not related, associated or affiliated with Redline business or employees in any way, shape or form. Good luck.
  4. Parker: how old is the battery in your car? Enigma: how old is the battery in your wife's car? Please. Thank you both.
  5. Although I'm really sorry for the lost of your pump and the amount of work to rebuild the front end, I'm very happy to hear that my car is not even half way there yet. Peace of mind? Maybe lol. No, on the contrary, Ford wouldn't want to use him in their ads, Ford would like to disappear those videos from the net!, he's actually "killing" Ford main business: selling new cars!! Lol Thank you Mac for your tremendous work and information, you're the one keeping me going on my 10-year old Edge, hopefully turning 11 soon 👍 😁.
  6. Only 7 years old at the time he started to deal with the dealer, months ago . Weird...
  7. Edgingage

    Where is a block heater?

    Lol, let me have a laugh Jeff K (with respect). It's just because I had a similar question about four years ago and I got a similar answer: it IS there lol. "But where?", that's your question. Well, it's very hard to find it first time from the top of the engine bay (forget it), it's really hard to find it that way unless it has been already moved from its original/factory storage location, if it's still in its original location from factory (if it hasn't been previously used/touched yet). Once you do find it first time then you'll be able to continue locating/tracing it from the top of the engine bay. But to find it first time you will have to crawl under the car (that's the only way I could find it after expending days looking for it from the top lol, reading the user's manual, reading Haynes book, even posting a question in other part of this great forum, and still couldn't find the info for the location). So, rise the front of the car on ramps (you could rise only the passenger side if you want), get underneath with a good flashlight and set your mind ready to spend some time down there, IF needed lol. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures when I found it (sorry) and I'm currently recovering from a recent heart attack and double bypass so, I'm still very limited in the physical activities I could do (i.e., not even driving yet ). Here is the first fun part: once you put the car on ramp and crawl underneath (remember to engage parking brake, shuck the opposite rear wheel and all other pertinent safety measures to get underneath the car), find the engine block (as a reference start) and look along the chassis frame, the heat cord should be tightly tucked against the frame, look like if you're looking for something that it's supposed to be hidden, really hard to find ON PURPOSE lol. Once you find it (you will, trust me), here is the second fun part: there's no much space where you can run that cable around to the front of the car. So, before you actually start sweating bringing that cable through the front, first think where exactly you want to have that plug, and then work its way towards where you want to place it. I had A LOT OF FUN placing the plug through the lower grill right underneath the front plate holder lol. Good luck!
  8. Edgingage

    20" chrome rims for 2011 Edge SEL?

    I agree with you, something is better than nothing; I'll see if Ford's Parts salesperson agrees lol. Thanks for the suggestion.
  9. Hi folks: I think I'm probably going against the current, or against the trend at this time as most people are going with black, stealth, gun powder and similar color/look for rims. But I'd like to replace my 18" grey stock rims with 20" shine/bright chrome wheels. I looked at Tirerack and also at Canadawheels (cheaper shipping but I don't seem to find a spoke pattern I like (very few options available for 20" chrome). I also looked at Detroit wheel and tire but they sell refurbished/reworked/repaired wheels (anyone has experience buying from Detroit wheel and tire?). Is there any other place I should look to find 20" chrome wheels for my 2011 Edge SEL? Any suggestions or directions are appreciated in advance.
  10. Edgingage

    2011-2014 rust areas

    Last year I had to redo the rocker panels in 2011 SEL. So definitively an area you should soak it up.
  11. Edgingage

    open windows with key fob?

    Oh, thank you omar302.
  12. Edgingage

    open windows with key fob?

    Does that work for the 2011-14 YM, (without fordscan)?!
  13. Or maybe first just recharge the battery and see if the problem resolves. Then you'll know for sure it's the battey. Otherwise you may replace the battery prematurely and not solve the problem
  14. Edgingage

    advancetrac warning - car won't move in any gear

    Did you change the transmisión fluid (right when you bought the used vehicle)? It's due @ around 125 000 miles...
  15. Cory, I had found some same/similar on Amazon when I got your reply at better price than drive brights (around 1/3 total price including shipping). I haven't installed them yet. Wish me luck Thank you folks.