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  1. Fredj72

    Fuse question

    Good afternoon all. Looking for a little help on which fuse I need to use to run some switches to hook up some led underglow, led interor strips and led turn signals. I'm looking for my drl fuse but to no avail. Maybe I need to use my radio fuse? Please please help lol
  2. Fredj72

    2015 Sel firewall

    Where is the entrance through the cabin? Is it behind the glove box? I'm looking at what looks like a compressor under the airbag? Idk lol. Help please.
  3. Fredj72

    2015 Sel firewall

    Thank you so much. First chance I get imma take a look.
  4. First, I hope posted this in the right place.I'm trying to run wiring for underglow on my sel through the firewall. I can't seem to find any where besides the wiring for the harness. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Fredj72

    New from Louisiana

    hello. I've had my 2015 ford edge since March. It was instant love. Her name is Bella. Here to ask questions and maybe steal some of your ideas lol. Have a great day.