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    Updating SYNC

    We have a 2013 Ford Sync and went to for site and downloaded and then extracted the file to USB Thumb Drive. Now the Question I have, once I plug that USB Thumb Drive into the cars USB port, and get the car Started, How long does the update take, like how long do we need to have the car running, for this update to do it's thing?
  2. Palladini

    Ford Edge AC Recarching Problem

    OK Gadgetjq Going to this site https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/search-results.html?x1=brand;q1=Red+Tek could you tell me what I would need to get?
  3. Palladini

    May I Say Hi

    Hello everyone. We have a 2015 Ford Edge SEL 4WD and love it. My wife is PSW and she visits homes in the area too help people that need it. Me, I am off on Disability, my short term Memory is shot. I formerly drove a Tractor Trailer, and I have covered over 7.8 million miles driving. These days I walk my dogs and cruise the internet Daily. I love to BBQ, Smoke foods. In my truck driving adventures , I got to many places and They had very much good food, better than the bland Canadian food we have up here, and I scour the net for those recipes .
  4. We own a 2015 for Edge SEL 4WD and I have a Red Tec 12a Bottle and it will not fit on AC recharge port under hood on the AC line. https://youtu.be/2mtUzI5TMnA I mad a video showing what I have. This device has worked on any car I had, have they changed the fitting on these newer cars. Does red tec have the required fitting to allow me to do this refill?