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    Instruments Panel drains Battery (2008 SEL)

    It is 3 months old, charged it all weekend and it keeps its charge, unless it stays connected to the car.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new in this forum. I own a 2008 Ford Edge SEL. I'm having issues with a battery drain that occurs while the car is parked and the ignition is OFF. I charged the battery (slow charge of 3 amps) during the weekend and tested the alternator on Monday. Both battery and alternator are OK. Then, with a multimeter, I tested every fuse, under the hood and inside the driver's compartment. I'm having a reading of 0.7 amps (car parked, ignition OFF, every door closed, etc) with every fuse of the car connected, BUT it goes down to 0.01 amps when I disconnect fuses #5 and #26. Both of them have something to do with the instruments panel. So, does anyone knows if the instruments panel has a relay that I could take a look at and/or can point out what else can I do to solve this. Thanks in advance!