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    2008 Ford Edge No Cold Air

    Manual Climate control and the hot air does work and both lines are pressurized. I don’t have access to gauges but I ordered some.
  2. Mechanic69

    AC compressor replacement?

    I got an 08 and the compressor stays engaged with the ac on and it never disengages. Any idea why that might be? The air blows hot too.
  3. So I got a 2008 Ford Edge given to me by my work to use as a work truck. I live in Maui and have no cold air coming out the vents. Both The high side and low side are charged, don’t see any leaks on the condenser or the lines. The blower motor works and the blend doors cycle properly. The ac clutch turns on when engaged but doesn’t release unless turned off. The line that runs over the motor doesn’t get cold to the touch but it’s cooler then the the rest of the motor. The other line gets so hot it singed my finger when checking it. Any ideas as to what it could be? Checked the fuses swapped a relay and nothing seems to change. Any help would be greatly appreciated because it’s hot as the day is long out here and I need to get some cool air.