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  1. Rotora makes a kit but its like 3 grand... I am actually hooking up with a buddy today or tomrrow to messure his 2017 Focus RS front caliper setup....
  2. Curious if anyone knows if the front 4 piston Brembo Caliper off a Focus RS would fit a 2015-2021 EDGE. The Focus has the same bolt pattern as the Edge and I know the factory front Edge rotor is 345mm. Now with that being said, Ford Performance makes a upgraded Vented rotor like my 2019 EDGE ST that is 347mm or 13.7" that will fit the factory 4 piston brembo caliper. Now I am not looking to fit a focus Rotor on the vehicle but more so utilizing the Caliper up front in conjunction with our 345mm rotors. Not sure if the caliper mounting bracket is the same spacing. If not I can always make a bracket adapter to fit . Just kicking ideas since you can get the front calipers dirt cheap....
  3. Hmmm I wonder how Tuners such as ZFG and Unleashed were doing it for customers then. Not a necessity but would be cool to have
  4. Breze84

    Trans gear indicator question

    Hmmm I wonder how Tuners such as ZFG and Unleashed were doing it... Oh well, Not a necessity but would be cool
  5. Maybe I missed it here, But on a 2019+ EDGE ST you can get the Gear indicator inside the Tach on the dash if in paddle mode only, So if in Sport mode it will show S1-S8, In regular paddle mode it will show just 1-8... I know that a lot of tuners can activate this to be on all the time in normal driving "Not using Paddle". I have LMS and LMS doesn't do this. Is there a code or way through FORScan to activate it?
  6. Breze84

    Trans gear indicator question

    Wonder if you can activate it through Forscan
  7. Breze84

    Staggered Tire

    Looks Beautiful man. Love It
  8. Breze84

    Staggered Tire

  9. Breze84

    Staggered Tire

    With that being said yes, recommend is as stated but it will fit on a 9" perfectly...
  10. Breze84

    Staggered Tire

    Exactly. On a side note you Buick runs almost a identical time to my 87 GN lol
  11. Breze84

    Staggered Tire

    This is purely for appearance to widen up the stance a bit in the rear in conjunction with how wide the rear tailgate and bumper is. This will have 0 affect on what you are saying. The actual variance in size difference is .3% which is almost nothing. The width size difference between the 2 sized is literally around 1.1" total. The heights and rotation are almost identical. The awd drivetrain has plenty of forgiveness with this for the fact of having to run spare tires, Loss of air ect. I run staggered setups on both my 9 sec Grand National and 9 sec Z06 with a monster difference in size and 0 steer issues. Ive been doing this for a long time, My question is more along the line has anyone had any fitment issues with a 295 in the wheel well before I actually dig into it. This questing can yield a simple response of yes I tried and it worked or no it rubbed, Not a question so much as if it will work in a staggered stance "Which it will". Many manufactures do this on SUV's ect, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche ect... The Macan alone runs a 265/45/20 front and 295/40/20 and works as it should from the factory on a AWD setup, These are production vehicles. So saying it will not is not true.... Now obviously if your front tire is 29" tall and your rear is 30" tall, Now you would have a problem. But if you can keep your rotation mass ect within a 1% "Some say 2%" variance of eachother, Everything should be kosher
  12. Breze84

    Staggered Tire

    Anyone slap a wider tire on their 21" wheel. What size you running? My 19 ST has factory 265/40/21. Was thinking of kerping 265/40/21 front and doing a staggered 295/35/21 rear on same 9" wheel which puts it less then a 1% variance of the front which should be very acceptable for a awd vehicle. Similar to how a Macan is 265 front 295 rear. A 295 will fit on a 9" wheel with a minor bulge and you obviously lose the ability to rotate which is ok. Just wondering about wheel well ect. I can figure it out, just being lazy šŸ¤£... I know it has been done on the SHO with 0 issues to AWD system with a greater % size variance...