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    (NEW) 2019+ Edge ST Stone Guards

    Also I have had several Z06's and have designed my own C6Z style to work on a C5Z so that was my inspiration.
  2. Breze84

    (NEW) 2019+ Edge ST Stone Guards

    Yea for me a mudflap belongs on a pickup. These are Stone guards to protect the area where the paint is exposed to the tire tread. It is meant to be sleek and sporty yet functional and look like a factory installed piece. So far I've tested mine over gravel road, and snow with chicago salt rock and its 👍
  3. Breze84

    (NEW) 2019+ Edge ST Stone Guards

    Sorry I thought I attached pictures but I didnt hit attached haha. Anyways, Thank you... I would need to get my hands on a 15-18 to see if the rears do, I want to say yes but not sure until I see... I know the fronts will 100%.. If anyone is in the chicago area that wants to stop by with a 15-18 I can see and give you a killer deal on a set for your time....
  4. Breze84

    (NEW) 2019+ Edge ST Stone Guards

    Hey guys so, I'm a couple weeks out on having my stone guards I came up with finished with manufacturing. I have had a lot of interest on FB and was suggested on also trying the forums. If anyone is looking to protect their paint around the wheel area from being peppered with stones or salt rocks in the winter These will be FS @ $100 shipped to your door via ground within 50 states. That includes both front and back with upgraded button head hardware and a total of 4 spacers. The spacers will be used at 2 locations on the rear. 1 at the very top bolt and another at the very bottom. No holes needed to be drilled. The fronts utilize the factory push tabs, just remove and reinstall. Here are some good pictures installed on my vehicle. I also created a very front guard that for me was more anesthetic but also will protect. Those are not part of the kit but if anyone was actually interested that can be a option also... enjoy... pic heavy FYI if someone just wanted rears that would be a option also... Thanks Phil