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  1. Sage

    New-to-me 2017 Edge

    Welcome to the forum
  2. Sage

    Map update

    I got, more than likely the one and only free Navi update from Ford, loaded yesterday. I do not believe there will be much difference, but it was free. I use Apple Maps, which I like, the only catch with Apple Maps, there are a couple of places I go I loose cell coverage. That is the only time I use the Navi in my Edge.
  3. Sage

    New 2019 Edge ST owner

    Welcome and congrats on your ST
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    new member

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    2019 Titanium

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    2019 Edge Platinum

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    Great Forum!

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    Greetings! New Edge Sport Owner

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    2019 Ruby Red Titanium

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    Thanks for having me!

    Welcome to the forum, thanks for your service.
  11. Sage

    How to park a Lamborghini.....

    It even parks fast, lol.
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    New Edge Owner

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