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  1. Sage

    Rear Liftgate

    I have a 19 ST and it chimes three times no matter which way I close it.
  2. Sage

    New 2019 Titanium owner

    Welcome and congrats.
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    Edge Owner

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    New 2019 SEL Owner

    Congrats and welcome to the forum
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    New 2017 Sport owner

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    Soon-to-be new owner...

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    New Member

    Welcome, congrats on your new Edge.
  8. Sage

    Hello from south Alabama

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  9. Welcome to the forum, I do not believe that can be disabled. Maybe members that have used FORscan will have more info if that can be done.
  10. Sage

    Hello from Philly

    Congrats and welcome to the forum.
  11. Sage

    For Those that have Tuned The Edge ST

    In my case, I had the resonator replaced with just piping. I do not hear any added exhaust noise at highway speed. When using more throttle in town/to merge onto the interstate, I do near a bit more exhaust. Also, I have the stock filter.
  12. Sage

    For Those that have Tuned The Edge ST

    I have had the LMS tune for just over a year. It does give the trans a more firm shift, not hard, but a shift that does not take forever. I use the 93 tune and have not seen any dif in fuel mileage.
  13. If this has already been answered in this thread, sorry but did not want to read through page after page. Using FORscan, has anyone actually activated which gear your ST is in so it would be displayed all the time. If so, could you please post the details. Thanks
  14. Sage

    19 ST Gear Indicator

    Got a call from the service advisor. Ford tech support stated it was not in Ford’s software parameters to make that change. To me, that means it could be done, but they would not spend the man hours to program a change like that.
  15. Sage

    First Edge

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