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  3. Not saying this is a fix, but. I had a 15 MKC with is same issue. It turned out to be the car battery going bad. Believe it or not, it still started but hot air on drivers side, cold on passenger side. Might be worth checking the battery to see how old it is, mine was only 2 1/2 years old.
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  5. My 2019 requires that and from what I understand it lists that for the 20/21 sized wheels. I do not have the brake package either. When I first got my ST I wondered about that as well, so I asked a couple of dealers and indies and all looked it up when I was there and confirmed it.
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    Greetings - My first 4 cylinder ...LOL

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    2019 SEL AWD EDGE performance tips

    Welcome to the forum, I have a ST, so I’ll let others with a 2.0 chime in.
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    2019 Edge SEL purchase in progress

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  11. I would like to have a grill for like that for my 19 ST, but haven’t been able to find one.
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    Hello from Wisconsin

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    60 more hp and 5 mpg for $90

    I will wait till they come out with a plug-in that gives me 60 mpg and 5 more hp.
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