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    I've started to hate my ST

    I really have not had those kinds of concerns or issues with my 19 ST. Good luck in whichever vehicle you purchase next. Maybe look for a used Yugo to purchase so you can compare your new vehicle with it so you stay happy with your new vehicle. No I am not ragging on you, but not sure why you would still have a vehicle you are that much dissatisfied with. Good luck with your next vehicle purchase.
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    New guy from Texas

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    New 2021 Edge owner

  5. I did not, I decided to keep my stock set up.
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    First Time Ford owner

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    Hello from the Swamp

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    Hello from Nova Scotia Canada

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    EDGE ST mods

    It does sound nice on YouTube, but I wonder how much drone it has just cruising on the highway.
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    hi all.

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    Welcome to the forum
  14. I have a posting from a year or so ago(2019?)that I was able to get it turned off. I worked with a Ford service advisor for a couple of weeks as he kept on Ford engineers with how to do that. Basically, two setting boxes were unchecked and that worked just fine, You should be able to find that using the search function under my handle. In my case, I was charged $90.00 to have it done. For me, was worth every dollar.