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    Me and my boy Blue!

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    Just bought my 3rd Edge

  3. Got my ST back from the other dealer. Basically they told me there are no codes and could not duplicate the issue. When I asked them if they would test the battery, they said there was no reason too. I have already made an appointment with a local mechanic to test the battery. He will also add the pig tail to hook up my battery maintainer, no extra change. Could not pass up that offer.
  4. I dropped it off with a different dealer. They will have it a couple of days to see if they can figure it out. Naturally it did not do it when I dropped it off, keeping my fingers crossed.
  5. I ordered a battery tender/auto charger this morning. Still might consider putting in a new battery, as mine is 27 months old and now it may not be up to specs since it sits a lot.
  6. ^^^^ Good point on the battery, as my ST sits most of the time. When I do drive it, it is for short drives. Now I am thinking of getting a new battery, or tender, or getting with the dealer on this possibility. ^^^^
  7. ^^^^ thanks for the info ^^^^
  8. Ok, for my 2019 ST, are the Bilstein shocks really that much of an improvement over the stock setup? Looking for something that will help out with seems to be a top heavy Edge without getting into a big cost change. Thanks
  9. Ok, the tech could not duplicate the issue, but he worked on it for about 1 1/2 hours. The tech and advisor stated if it happened again, to bring it back and he will check all the scanners/sensors(?) in all the doors to see if he could find the issue. That will take a good part of the day, so they will get me home and back when they are done. I know it will happen again, just a matter of time. If any of you figure out out is going on, please post what was found. If I find out anything, I will post that info. As normal, would not do it when at the dealer.
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    Back Again

  11. I am having the same issues, it is intermittent for me. I am thinking 2018/19 are the same setup. My ST is still under warranty and I have an appointment tomorrow to have it looked at. I will let you know what they say.
  12. I put a light tinted film on mine.
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