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  1. Sage

    Looking at getting an Edge ST

    Welcome and good luck in your search.
  2. Sage

    Tuned my ST

    I have their tune and called and asked them that same question. I was told just to give them a call, it would help if you have your tuner hand held s/n number, they will look up your vehicle.
  3. The dealer does have some good prices on some parts, I always check the online dealers as well. Sometimes their tire prices are hard to beat, I imagine it also depends on the dealer. I checked with my dealer on the cargo cover and the parts guy stated there was no discount as there just was not much of a mark up. I showed him a printout of a Ford dealer internet price with free shipping, he checked wit the parts manager and sold me the cover at the same price.
  4. Sage

    New Edge Owner in SE MI

  5. Sage

    New Edge St

  6. Sage

    Edge ST lowering springs

    I called H&R and they stated they will have spring, but no time frame as of yet. Their site show springs for the 19 Edge and Edge Sport, but does not list the ST. Now, from what I understand, the sport springs listed can fit the ST, that has been stated on this forum. But, per write ups for the ST, the springs have been stiffen for the ST and the sway bar improved. To me, that means the standard Edge and Edge Sport springs are not as stiff as the springs that where made for the ST. Even if they fit, it seems one would be loosing some performance enhancements that are designed into the ST. Just my opinion I am sure others will have input.
  7. Sage

    2020 Ford Explorer Manufacturing Video

    Thanks for posting, I wonder how long it takes to build one from start to finish?
  8. Sage

    New edge owner

  9. Sage

    Brake Caliper Covers

    I just wanted to cover the brake calipers on my ST. Really did not want the covers to stand out, just hide the silver color. So I went with black, without lettering. For me, it worked the way I wanted.
  10. I have not, for me it is the other way around. I do have a LMS tune.
  11. Sage

    New Member

  12. The difference between the two cones is a lot, I would not use those aftermarket ones. I believe that company is known to be good at what they sell, but. I know some other aftermarket companies believed the ST is just like the Sport models. I know my owners manual states the ST TQ for the wheels is 162lbs, is that the case for the Sport models, from what I understand, the TQ is less on the Sport models. Hopefully others on our forum will have better input.
  13. Sage

    edge convert MKX

    Welcome, sorry I cannot help on your question.