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  9. Since jdg0928 posted to this thread. I have not had any further issues since replacing the battery around Jan 2021.
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    Welcome to the forum, as per your question, I really don’t have any tips, except for all of the required and suggested maintenance. Don’t have to go to the Ford dealer, you can use an independent mechanic and there might be some of the stuff you like to do yourself.
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    2022 Edge ST, does this look right?

    Well, I got off my lazy butt and walked out and looked at the back of my 2020 edge ST. I have the MRT Exhaust on it, and they look just like your mufflers. I wonder if it’s got something to do with the set up on these and fitting the mufflers where they’re going. The stock mufflers actually fit all the way towards the rear end up kind of out of sight.