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  1. Thanks 1004, I appreciate the quick feedback. Thanks for your input as well.
  2. Update: I dried out the condensation with a vacuum and space heater through the access plug in the back. I then ran a thick bead of high quality rtv silicone all the way around where the two halves meet. Let it cure for a couple days. Tested the vent holes in the back with blow drier and they seem to be working. I reseated the access hole plug with some thick silicone grease. This product does not cure and it has a high washout value. The plug is sealed but still able to be removed. The part was reinstalled today and it looks good so far. The part is sealed except for the vent holes. This is the closest I can get to how this part was new. Let’s see if it vents function correctly per Fords design. I did notice a large gap on the top of the unit where the rubber gasket does not make contact with the rear gate under the back glass. See pic. I’ve looked at a few other edges and they all had the same gap. This would appear to be normal? Maybe help the venting process? There is the possibility of water getting behind the light bar through this gap. If the unit still has condensation issues I’m going to fill that gap with silicone to prevent water from running down behind the light bar and making contact with those vents. We’ll see what happens in the rain and car wash. Am I missing anything? Thanks,
  3. Thank you 1004 and enigma, I removed the part and found a gap in the seal immediately. Right in the area of the most condensation. Whatever adhesive they use to seal the clear lens to the black plastic back has an inconsistent bead. The bead gets real thin in a section and the 2 halves have separated. I’m thinking about resealing the entire joint all the way around with good RTV silicone. I’m sure this will help but I’m not 100% confident this will solve all condensation issues. We’ll see I guess. If not, I like the idea of a couple added goretex covered vents in the back. There is 2 back there already...why not 4 right? I’ll seal it first and reinstall. Maybe it will vent correctly. I would send it back were I bought it, but it’s not new and I bought it a month ago. I saved $600 over buying a new part. It looks perfect but its not. My advice: BUY NEW PARTS I screwed myself but maybe I can fix this thing. see pic of the gap
  4. Thanks 1004ron, I would consider that fix. It would take some plumbing and routing a tube to a location somewhere inside the rear gate. I’m not sure how much room there is behind the light bar when it’s mounted to run a tube. At least this would be a no drilling potential solution. Sounds like you were lucky enough to get a part that vents correctly. I appreciate the input.
  5. Thanks guys, I bought the replacement on my own as Ford would not help because my rig is out of warranty. It’s a tough call for me to start drilling holes and where to drill on this part. A service guy at my local Ford dealership said maybe drill tiny holes in the back of the unit. I have seen posts of people drilling through the clear section of the visible plastic. I would guess if the holes are drilled on the outside, they would need caps or plugs to reseal the unit and be taken out when venting is needed. The back of the unit does have 2 factory holes with a waterproof fabric covering them. I would think these are the vents. I have even considered dropping 1 or 2 tiny 12 volt computer fans into the inside of the unit through the access hole with the wiring. I’m not sure if this would be better or worse if the unit is not venting correctly. I would rather go low tech and try and get this part to vent. I look at every edge I come across to see if other people have the same problem and it’s been about 50/50. Some of these parts vent and some don’t. Parking the car in the sun only makes it worse and the more condensation that forms the longer it takes to dissipate. If it ever dissipates. This is my second go round with this issue and I think if I buy another part it’s just going to do the same thing. Waiting for more input and getting more info before I make a modification that wrecks the part or makes it worse. I appreciate the help.
  6. Does anyone have a permanent fix for water droplets and condensation inside the light bar? I know this has been brought up before but I haven’t seen any advice for a permanent fix. I’m on my second light bar and the condensation has been inside the part for over a week. The normal ventilation process is not working. The dealership says to replace it again. Before I dig in start experimenting with a $1000 part maybe someone has fixed these. More vent holes, maybe small fans installed? This is really frustrating and it makes a cool rig look like garbage.
  7. Update: I purchased and installed the correct version of the reflector bar for my sport. Bingo...it works! Wasn’t cheap but it looks good👍
  8. Called Ford and have a case # going. Odds are they won’t help me with this issue. It would involve installing the correct wire harness and the correct part. I’m sure they would sell me the correct gear and install it for around 2 grand. These kind of one off strange issues don’t get resolved for free or even for a reasonable amount of $ at Ford. The owner who bought this rig new, should have had it fixed under warranty. Time to tap out and move on.
  9. I have attached an image of the internal circuit board inside the light bar unit. I cut an access hole in the back of the unit.There are 2 black wires going in each direction from the top 2 white connectors to the back up lights. The middle empty plug is where the red,green,and black 12v power comes in. That’s it for wiring or components inside. No LEDs running through the red sections of the unit. Any ideas if I’m missing something? I wanted to make sure I could reseal the back of the unit, so I didn’t cut any further. This was really touchy. I resealed the hole with black RTV and it is back working in the edge. I’ve scoured the web for a wiring schematic of this part...not found. I’ve looked at multiple pictures of this part online trying to find differences in the wiring compared to what I have. It’s really hard to detect. I’ve called my local Ford dealership and requested a wiring breakdown for the part. According to the service manager, they don’t have that info. They just install a new parts. I’m at a dead end without a schematic. I did notice one of the three main plugs for this unit has a blank pin filler on both sides of the plug (car side and part side). Maybe this has merit...not sure. If I had more info or really good wiring pictures of the correct part for my rig that would really help. I used to repair pinballs and jukeboxes so I have a better that average understanding of circuitry.
  10. Thanks Omar302, It appears I am the second edge sport owner with this issue documented on this forum.
  11. Agreed, but I don’t know how else to explain this issue. Clean car fax no accidents. Everything looks factory. Just strange.
  12. My side tail lights illuminate like a sport or titanium model should according to your pictures. I have an odd situation with my tailgate. Even if I purchase the correct light bar, I don’t have the wiring to make it work. Ford put an entire lift gate for a SE/SEL on a top sport model? Bizarre. Nice quality control at Ford.
  13. More info: My rear gate lacks the wiring to illuminate a light bar. Must have come from the factory this way. My edge is the loaded sport model (every option available). Why would they build this rig and skip on this? Makes me wonder what else I’m missing.
  14. Update: Upon further investigation, my light bar does not have lights installed. Either it was like this from the factory, or a previous owner replaced the unit and went cheap. Also, the wires leading to the tiny board inside the unit are for the back up lights. Bummer. enough time spent. thanks everyone for your input
  15. Thanks for the link. I’m not sure I would spend that much, but who knows. I’ve got 11.5 volts to the last connection before it plugs into the circuit board. I would guess this is correct. Really leaning toward the little circuit board on the inside with the leds or whatever else is in there.