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    Last few HP?

    I'm looking to eke out the last few HP that I can with my Edge. I'm looking at probably 15ish to 20ish HP which would put me in the 315 to 320 range (Not at the wheels though). I already have a K&N high airflow filter (Not a CAI) as well as a tune. Its about 295hp at the crank but less at the wheels. 1. MagnaFlow Street Series Cat-Back Exhaust system. They say up to 10% but I'm assuming more like 3% to 5% which will be about 10 to 15hp 2. I'm also looking at BBk 73mm Throttle Body or a cheaper same size alternative. I found this post (video) on here. Would I be limited to the pipe size on the back on of the throttle body? I also found this video (Time stamp 1:20). Yes its a 3.7L, but do you think I could see a nice increase at low RPMs with the 3.5? Especially cuppled with the exhaust, tune and high airflow intake filter?
  2. countgreen

    Better Shocks?

    Sorry. It's a 2014 SEL V6 with 18in rims.
  3. countgreen

    Better Shocks?

    I'm looking to make my ride somewhat smoother on Michigan's "roads"... I've gotten new tires, Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring as I do a lot of highway driving, (Set is about 1 year old with 3k miles). My car currently has about 50k miles on the OD. I'm looking at getting Monroe OE or KYB Strut-Plus. Not sure what to get or if there are better options out there. Thanks!