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    Forscan to enable tow lights

    Update - I finally got all the wiring components together and installed. 4 pin trailer harness is working, though when scanned I do have a code stating initial configuration not complete but it does work never the less. For those interested the power wire for the module harness is the brown and red wire in the harness right behind the OBD port. The wire only goes from here to the module harness connector in the drivers rear quarter panel. I added the factory pig tail harness to the other side of the main harness behind the Obd port and picked power off the fuse panel right above the port using a micro fuse add a circuit. The part number for the pig tail harness is EU2Z-14474-AB. This will just push into the opposing connector. See photo.
  2. Dallas150

    Forscan to enable tow lights

    Ah, Following this in the Forscan Forum.
  3. Dallas150

    Forscan to enable tow lights

    Does the added trailer light module show up when connected with Forscan? Haven't made it as far as you yet so I can't help a whole lot but one would think this should be plug and play as it only controls the lights. Try looking in the BdyCM on the "Easy mode" and see if there any any new options now that the new module is added (just guessing ). I'm sure I'll have the same issues when I get to this point.
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    Forscan to enable tow lights

    Hello all, Reviving an old thread - Came across this while researching what will be required to install the factory trailer hitch and wiring. I have a 2016 MKX not an edge but close enough (Not much info on the Lincoln Forums-not ones for the DIY I guess lol). This has been the most informative thread by far, so I figured id contribute my findings thus far. I'll start by saying I am still compiling parts and haven't completed the install but I've found the following for part numbers (Most on this thread are correct): - Ford hitch kit (The hitch and hardware)- FT4Z-19D520-AA (This should work for 2015-2018) - Split Kick sensor--------------------------------------FA1Z-14F680-C - 4-Pinn trailer harness------------------------------GA1Z-13A576-A -Trailer light module sub harness--------------F2GZ-13A576-B (this connects the capped harness to the trailer light module-located drivers side cargo area< behind interior quarter panel or which ever side the subwoofer isn't) - Trailer light module----------------------------------E1GZ-19H332-B (the number listed previously in this thread are engineering part numbers, these are the numbers listed on the module itself that one would think are part numbers (because that would make sense) but are not the actual part number that can be searched-dealer cross referenced to get actual part number) - Lincoln Lower valance for tow package- FA1Z-17K835-B (This part number will be different depending on vehicle options and model) As far as the brown/red wire goes, as stated in this thread it is the power feed for the trailer light module. It however does not leave Fuse 78 in the engine fuse box. Like others, mine was populated with a fuse but after removing the fuse I found there was only one pin under it -meaning the fuse box is supplying power to the fuse but no wire leaving the fuse. I confirmed this on the wiring harness side by removing the harness cover and locating where the wire should be but isn't. Should also be said that there a few brown/red wires that leave this box. The harnesses mentioned in this thread in the right passenger side foot well (the 2 big connectors) don't contain this wire (mine had power in and out at this connector) and as stated the wire is missing in the fuse box so cant be this wire. Now there is a harness next to or right near the OBD2 port that does contain a brown/red wire of a larger gauge on one side (from the vehicle) but does not have a wire leaving through the firewall (to the fuse box). I believe this is the wire we are after that runs back to the capped harness for the trailer light module (will confirm 100% when I get to the install). If it is, it would be quite easy to remove this wire and feed it from the interior fuse panel that sits right above this connector (though not the easiest fuse box to access - at least on the MKX) utilizing an add a fuse on one of the spares as mentioned. The lower valance many have said can be trimmed instead of replaced and has the cut template marked out, this I cant confirm on either model yet, only plan to remove the bumper once but will update once I complete (I hope its there) the install as well as any issues or tips and tricks. I've attached Fords install sheet, though the videos are better - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXouOaDJqhE. Hope this helps someone. 2015_CMY_Edge_Trailer_Hitch_FINAL.pdf