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  1. Thanks. I figured the module wasn't installed and could be - found a few on ebay. Was hoping I could plug in the module and it would work without having to enable in forscan.
  2. Anyone use forscan to enable the oem 4-pin trail lights? Or do you have forscan and can see if the tow module shows enable/disable like it does on the f150? I have 2016 edge sport which does not have the oem tow package but I added a hitch and an oem 4-pin. I did find the wiring harness actually has a spot to plug in the 4-pin wire and the tow fuse exists. I'm guessing the toe module/feature is turned off. Does the tow module show in forscan?
  3. I can't recall the part numbers, the dealer looked them up for me. The lower mount was flat vs rounded so I had to fab up a flat mount to attach. here's a few pictures If you decide to do this or try to do this to your vehicle I'm not responsible for anything you mess up, break, destroy. You assume all responsibility.
  4. I added the oem hitch to my 16 sport. It's not designed to fit but I cut the hole for the receiver in the bumper cover to make it work. Also had to order the 'split' lift gate sensors from a titanium with the hitch to make foot liftgate work.
  5. I installed the oem hitch on my 16 sport. Had to cut the bumper cover where hitch sticks out and replace the foot sensors with the 'split' ones from a titanium w/ hitch. Looks great, like it came from the factory with a hitch and the lift gate works.
  6. I made the foot sensor work by purchasing the 'split' ones used on a titanium with the factory hitch. I have a sport so I had to cut a hole in the bumper cover for the hitch too and fab up the lower foot sensor mount.
  7. The foot senors still work. This hitch is the OEM version, it doesn't hang below the bumper or require the removal of the supporting plastic/heat shield behind the bumper. It's also not specifically designed for the sport trim. I had an aftermarket hitch and didn't really like how hung below the bumper.
  8. Measuring and cutting was a big worry... Mess it up and I'm buying a new bumper cover. I made sure to measure multiple times and cut once taking my time - spent 2+ hours just cutting and measuring. The hitch replaced the metal bumper. I had to replace the foot activated sensors with the 'split' ones from the Titanium with hitch model and fab up a mount for the sensors. Seems to work. I did notice the hitch pin hole is very close to the bumper cover. I use mostly the hitch mostly for a bike rack and getting the bike rack bolt and wrench was a little tough but doable. Here's a few additional photos. I'm not responsible for anything you do to your car.
  9. Over the weekend I decided to take a chance and add the oem ford hitch to my 2016 Edge sport. This meant cutting a hole in the bumper, swapping the foot sensors with the split sensors and adding the 4 pin trailer lighting. I had the draw Tite hitch and decided I didnt want to remove the heat shield bumper support or have it hang down. The only down side was fabricating the lower foot sensor mount, it wasnt a direct replacement. If you decide to do this Im not responsible for anything you do to your car.
  10. I've noticed a few people have added the OEM hitch to their cars. It looks like the OEM hitch replaces the metal bumper. Yes, no? Does anyone have picture(s) of their bumper covers removed or the installation process of the OEM hitch?
  11. Much cleaner than the aftermarket ones. I've been thinking about removing the aftermarket one I have and installing this one. Do you have any pictures of the hitch before install? Do you know the ford part number of the hitch?