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  1. mr_jason

    Air springs for 2018 edge

    I used airlift 60910 kit. Seems to fit and work well. Just got back from a cross country road trip with the edge packed and a tray hitch bike rack. Installed the bags between the coils with it lifted so suspension was extended.
  2. mr_jason

    Air springs for 2018 edge

    I just added some aiflift 1000 ones on my 16 edge. They didn't have an out-of-the-box kit so I had to take my best guess on the sizing and part number. I'll see if I can find the part number and take a few pics. I haven't towed anything but I do load up the car and have a platform style hitch bike rack. So far so good. https://www.airliftcompany.com/products/air-springs/air-lift-1000/
  3. I think the hitch part number I ordered was ft4z-19d520-aa
  4. Mine came with all the bolts and instructions and torque specs. I also had to modify and fab up different sensors for the foot activated liftgate. The existing one on the bumper cover will not work since they go all the way across.
  5. It's on the outside. I use it for a bike rack most of the time so the lock on the pin is tight. It fit's, but tight.
  6. mr_jason

    Hitch cargo recommendations

    You can install a roof rack with the vista roof, I have one for my 2016 edge to carry a roof top box. Check the fit guide on yakima.com or thule.com they will tell you what components are needed for an MKX - if it fits and cost. It's going to be more than a hitch install. You could get the hitch and rent a small trailer to tow.
  7. I have a yakima roof rack for my 2016 edge sport to carry a roof top box, it can also carry bikes and other things. Yes you have a "naked roof" if you have the glass roof. https://www.yakima.com/ For my bikes I use a hitch rack over the roof. Much easier to use.
  8. Anyone know if there is there a way to adjust the limits (up/down) of the the rear windows on a 2016?
  9. Mine is similar. It's not horrible but I get a popping noise sometimes when reversing from the front driver side and it wanders with imperfections the road. Haven't noticed any play the last time I rotated the wheels. I'll have to check again. I have a 16 edge sport.
  10. What's odd is the brown/red wire is connected at the fuse connector and then disappears before it passes through the firewall.
  11. Thanks for the update. Post anything you find out
  12. Had the same pricing issue, looked good until the shipping cost. Ended up just ordering it from a local dealer. Did you install it yet? I'm still waiting for the harness to the tow module 4 pin wire = F2GZ-13A576-A wiring to tow module which is on backorder = F2GZ-13A576-B
  13. I found the module on ebay. 4-pin wire on http://parts.ford.com . I still haven't installed the module though. The wiring harness for the car already had the connector just behind the bumper cover on the passenger side . You can probably see it if you remove the small plastic under panel.
  14. mr_jason

    Towing RV?

    From what I can tell the UK version has a 2 tonnes = 4000kg = 4409lbs rating. The hitch itself is only rated for 3500-4500lbs depending on which one you get so you would be stretching it 187% more than what it was rated for. Even then tongue weight for that trailer looks like it's 800+ lbs. I would not tow it.