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    Summit Lake , Stone Mountain Provincial Park, BC Canada. lmfao an hours drive north of Home.
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    there i fixed it
  3. DeneWarChief

    20210518_172508 (1).jpg

    nope none at all.. the only issue was getting someone to install them for me....but my tire guy put one old one on and it didnt rub so he put all four on and yeah no issues what so ever
  4. DeneWarChief

    265/60-18 on 2019?

    265/60 r18 will fit with no rub as you can see on my whip...i wanted bfg at ko2 but couldnt find any.. i had the falklan wildpeak at trail in the 19s and they were actually a bad ass tire. bit yeah the cooper discovery maxx fit fine
  5. DeneWarChief

    20210518_172508 (1).jpg