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  1. Ahrmadillo

    Tire and rim questions.

    Not sure if you made any decisions yet. I’m about to purchase a set from Detroit wheel and tire. They are a factory set of wheels 20”s that have been refinished to be gloss black.
  2. Just wanted to share my story as my 15’ sport siting at the dealer waiting on a new RDU. Purchased the car used with 60k and had a noise under acceleration a winding type noise. I didn’t think anything of it well 9k miles later and the noise got a lot worse so I took it in. The RDU is toast and currently they are $1500 without labour and on back order it’s been 3 weeks. PSA change your fluids lol
  3. I checked that area had a surprise found out the rear window had been replaced there was still glass and golf balls under there lol. I’m definitely gonna do some investigation once winter is over
  4. Has anyone else experienced a bang/ rattle coming from the rear hatch area going over large bumps. I have a 2015 sport. I’m not sure if it’s the floor panel covering the spare of from the hatch interior panel
  5. Ahrmadillo

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    Any way to obtain one of these? Interested in the carbon fiber
  6. Ahrmadillo

    Enable DRL while in park

    Anyone have a updated link or info on what h15 led bulbs they used looking for a 6000k led