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  1. There are a couple points you have to break/melt to get the pieces apart. Once apart they can be melted back together or glued.
  2. Yes it does. The blue and chrome are separate pieces.
  3. The oil pan is a one time use item, the dealership is suppose to replace the pan if it is removed even if they are just redoing the seal. I had a small leak on my pan service department replaced the pan and resealed and no more leaks.
  4. gjb89

    JMS PedalMax G2 Edge Sport

    This guy has to be getting paid. Every post from him has me dieing.
  5. gjb89

    JMS PedalMax G2 Edge Sport

    Why not a tune? Then it will actually be a 400HP Edge instead of a wish I was a 400HP Edge.
  6. gjb89

    2.7EB Oil Catch Can / LMS Tune

    Damn that's steep. Thank you for going out on a limb and doing this and sharing the pictures!
  7. Great now I have to clean coffee off my computer monitors. Great start to my Monday.
  8. gjb89

    Lowering springs for the Sport

    It's on the Ford Edge Sport group page.
  9. Not a big fan of drilled rotors and especially paying a hefty price to have them.
  10. gjb89

    Lowering springs for the Sport

    A member on the facebook group lowered his and he has 21's and he said the ride was terrible once he put on his summer setup (20's and all season) the ride improved greatly and became bearable.
  11. gjb89

    LMS or Unleashed Tune? - Which is better?

    LMS doesn't offer any tunes for the 3.5
  12. gjb89

    LMS or Unleashed Tune? - Which is better?

    They recently released their tunes for the MKX which has much better gains compared to the Edge tunes. A member on the Facebook Sport Page asked them why there was a difference between the two and they said "We found some more tricks to getting more hp out of the 2.7L platform. We are currently developing a hotter tune for the 2.7L edge sport". It would require my time on the dyno so a member that lived close by said he would take his in so they could do some runs on it. Jump a few weeks later and they are now saying there are currently no plans on making any new revisions to the tune. The Edge sport is currently on V1 tune. The Escape 2.0 is up to a V10 and the Fusion Sport is up to a V5.
  13. gjb89

    LMS or Unleashed Tune? - Which is better?

    LMS or Unleashed can't go wrong with either one. LMS has let me down recently though.