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    MPG Tanked!!! Any help Greatly Appreciated...

    Thank you, I replaced the air charge temperature sensor, rather than cleaning it. Followed the rest processes listed above. No change. Then removed and cleaned. The MAP sensor and reset again...still no change. Actually seems worse, it had been climbing to about 14+, now it's below 10. This has me extremely stressed. I have other issues with this vehicle unrelated to this (3-4 issues!!!) That have all cropped up since I got it not even 2 months ago. I really like the vehicle, had a 2011 Edge Sport before this 2018. Have wanted this for quite a while, and it's been giving me nothing but grief unfortunately. 😑
  2. Pascale007

    PTU drain plug

    Hey Deathrattle, saw this post and have a 2018 Sport that making a hard grinding only under acceleration, seems similar to what you mentioned and can't find any other mention...anywhere online except for your experience. I was wondering if you were able to get it diagnosed and resolved? Had mine to (2) separate dealerships. First one couldn't duplicate the noise, second said it's normal!!! No...it is DEFINITELY not normal. Anyway, thanks if you can enlightening me al all.
  3. Pascale007

    MPG Tanked!!! Any help Greatly Appreciated...

    Also, From what I'm reading online, that may open me up to voiding my warranty. Ford could try to say I put a tune on and then took it off and tried to hide it. But people say it's good to reset that, after replacing certain parts so that the vehicle can "re-learn" the new parts. And that seems to make sense. I'm confused, which is it? Don't want to jeopardize the warranty. 😕
  4. Pascale007

    MPG Tanked!!! Any help Greatly Appreciated...

    Thanks for the info. It had 28,700-ish when I changed it, so around 2k miles since. K&N part # 33-5000. Do you know how to perform a KAM reset on this vehicle? Thanks again. 👍
  5. Hey all, Just joined. About 2 months ago I purchased a CPO 2018 Edge Sport. Having several problems but I'll start today with this one because they're in separate categories, and I don't want to confuse things. It has just over 30k miles on it now and I decided to change the air filter at approximately 27k. It had been averaging 18.9 MPG at that time. I installed a K & N replacement filter and my MPG went as low as 8.9 MPG!!! (I threw away the original when I installed the K & N.) So, I replaced that with a Motorcraft filter and it creeper back up to as high as 15.2 MPG, but still goes several MPG below that. Had it in the Dealership and they can't find anything wrong...of course. Everything looks fine with the Installation. Can't seem to find anyone else Having this problem. Any advice would be Greatly Appreciated. Thanks in advance if anyone has any insight on this.