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  1. ANoid

    His and Hers Edges

    No, because I always customize whatever I own. :)Speaking of which I got my center console done.
  2. ANoid

    ESC Button on Edge ST?

    Yes, thanks. I figured it out when I got back in it and started looking around. Now can you tell me why they call it an ESC button? Is it connected to an Eject the passenger seat?
  3. ANoid

    His and Hers Edges

    I was wondering if someone was going to go there. lol.
  4. ANoid

    ESC Button on Edge ST?

    OK, Edge ST newbie here. What button do you push when in sport to affect the traction control?
  5. ANoid

    His and Hers Edges

    My Wife's Edge Sport is a Lightning Blue 2018. Mine is a Ford Performance Blue Edge ST. I have been impressed with her Edge. I liked the features power and handling. Hers is a 401a with just about every feature you can cram into a Ford. My ST is also a 401a package. She has not had a single problem with it. Picture is before the front windows were tinted. Looks wise, I like the tail end of hers better and the front end of mine better.