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  1. itsnotdustin

    Earl the Pearl

    Started the amp install starting with the power wire, which is always the hardest part. I used this forum for help. A couple posts in particular. The first post pointed me in the direction of a large plug on the firewall that is unused. I used a uni-bit to drill a hole just large enough for the wire and ran it through. It's soft rubber so no grommet was required. This plug is accessible behind the battery. I was able to fish the the wire through using a magnetic pick-up which did not require me to unhook the battery, only slide it forward. The second post pointed me to a good ground location near the factory amp. I didn't want to pull any panels unless I had to so I'm glad I found this post because I wouldn't have found a solid ground otherwise. Since I'll be using an LOC for audio signal, I ordered a blown factory Ford sub and will be pulling the green harness of off that to plug into the factory harness. I try to avoid cutting or tapping into factory wires as much as possible, so instead I will unplug the factory sub in the car and wire up the LOC to the spare plug I ordered. The LOC I bought also acts as the fuse/remote wire and will trigger the amp when an audio signal is heard.
  2. itsnotdustin

    570 Wheel HP!

    This is insane. Do you have any in-depth build lists or video of your setup? I'm curious was the limits of this engine are. Is this a stock internals motor? There's no telling how far you can push an iron block. Edit: I just saw your sig with the 3.0tt swap which I guess is aluminum? I just learned about the 2.7 being a CGI block. Didn't realize a swap was an option. Crazy how much modding you can do to a crossover.
  3. itsnotdustin

    Earl the Pearl

    Mudflaps installed. I'll say I copied @tsquale on this after I saw them post a picture in the gallery last week. These are amazon mudflaps but the fit is pretty solid. I had no idea how to use the included hardware on the front flaps considering there was nothing to screw into once the factory push pins were removed. I ended up having to order 6 u-clip fasteners and 2 christmas tree fasteners to get the front installed. The u-clips and bolts went into the wheel well while the christmas tree fastener went into the bottom. The rear flaps used factory hardware with no issue. After install they are rock solid.
  4. itsnotdustin

    SDPUPILLO's 2016 Edge Sport

    Good to hear. I'm excited to get mine in.
  5. itsnotdustin

    Earl the Pearl

    Thanks! Yeah I'm pretty lucky with the roads around my area. There are potholes but most are avoidable. I forgot to mention that this set up is noticeably lighter than the stock 20's. Pretty impressive considering these are 1" taller and 2.5" wider.
  6. itsnotdustin

    SDPUPILLO's 2016 Edge Sport

    Wow that looks great. I just ordered the ABS one....now I'm thinking I should have got the carbon. Either way, the fit and finish looks professional. Any issues with hood closing?
  7. itsnotdustin

    Earl the Pearl

    I decided to stick with the wheels and had the tires mounted. The wheels are pretty flush with the fender and overall the stance is aggressive but not overdone. The 10.5" width wheels makes the car look planted. the 265/40's have a slight stretch but looks great on the car. Overall completely stoked on appearance. The backspacing is tight but has 0 interference. I felt no discernable difference in ride quality.
  8. itsnotdustin


    I saw these pic and thought the mudflaps look great. I just ordered these mudflaps and it only came with 4 u-nuts for the 8 screws. Which holes did you use the u-nuts on, if you dont mind me asking?
  9. itsnotdustin

    Earl the Pearl

    After looking at the other Edge with 22x10.5 wheels, I'm going to give these another test fit. The other Edge's fitment looked good and while the offset wasn't listed....it has to be close or the same as what I have. If it doesn't work out, I'll have to swap to the 21x9. It'll be a guaranteed fit but its out of stock for a couple months.
  10. itsnotdustin

    Earl the Pearl

    Educational post: The test fit didn't go as expected. While the backspacing seems to be close but perfectly fine, the wheel might be sticking out of the fender by a small amount. I will do another test fit with the suspension loaded to get an idea of where the fitment will be with the car on the ground. It's hard to tell how it will look with a tire mounted. Wheel Size - 21x10.5 Offset - +45mm Backspacing - 7.5" I tried to find other examples of what the wheels will look like and this is the closest I could find which looks good in my opinion.....but I dont want to mount my tires and not like the look considering they arent returnable at that point -
  11. itsnotdustin

    Earl the Pearl

    The wheels and tires got delivered. I'm going to test fit for wheels for backspacing clearance first then will go get them mounted up by this weekend. I will get some better pictures loaded eventually.
  12. itsnotdustin

    Earl the Pearl

    JLT catch can came in today. The fit and finish on it was perfect. Install was so easy.
  13. itsnotdustin


    Dang, now I'm thinking I should have ordered 22's. What's the model and specs on those? They look great!
  14. itsnotdustin

    Earl the Pearl

  15. itsnotdustin

    Earl the Pearl

    I got the tuner delivered and installed. The Livewire TS+ is better than I remember it but the touchscreen feedback is still pretty bad since it uses old resistive touch screen tech. It's nice having the gauge readouts so I can see just how bad the factory intercooler is. Coolant temps stay around 200 no matter the driving so I know the radiator works better than the intercooler. Otherwise, everything else seems in check. I went with Unleashed Tuning and the experience has been pretty seamless. A few short and sweet emails to Torrie and I had my tunes loaded and ready to go. Initial impression wasn't very remarkable. I definitely get pushed into the seat more in the lower gears, but the higher gears feel only moderately better. With that said the vehicle is completely stock and I know mods and some datalogging will go a long way. Once the intake, exhaust, and thermostat are install I will be datalogging and fine tuning to get the most of it. In the meantime, does anyone know any easy path to route the obd2 wire for the tuner? I may just leave it unplugged most of the time since I don't want the wire hanging around. Update - I noticed there was an access panel to the left of the steering wheel. On previous years it was a small storage drawer. Either way I knew it would be a great place to run the wire and mount the tuner without having to drill holes or pop big panels off and risk breaking anything. The mounting position turned out great and the wire stays bundled behind the panel and run through the hole where your hand goes. All I had to do was stick on a suction cup mount disk.