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  1. Ended up replacing the stock tweets w/ a pair of Infinity Reference REF-375TX. Definitely not as loud as stock, but much MUCH cleaner. Used the blockers that came with the IR tweets. The stock tweets have built in blockers and the frequency difference really cleaned it up.
  2. 2019 ST w/ B&O The tweeters aren't bright enough for me and I am going to upgrade. My question is about the stock system having it's own signal processing for the 12 channels and the need or not to install the blocker that comes with the upgrades (Hertz) or will the factory B&O already have that handled for the upper front door tweeter wiring? Thanks
  3. 1974 F100 (302) 1975 F250 Supercab (360) 1984 Escort 1993 Taurus GL (3.8) 2000 Taurus (3.0) 2002 Mustang GT (4.6) * 2003 Mustang Mach 1 (32v 4.6) 1970 F100 Ranger XLT (302) 2011 Fusion SEL (2.5) * 2019 Edge ST (2.7tt) *
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