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  1. Ford for some reason is putting single horn rather than dual horns on their cars. My Edge ST has this and my Bullitt also has this. Well, it is an easy fix. I got the duel horn from a 2018 Edge. It is the same horn and bracket except one extra horn! Part number is FA1Z-13832-B. Shouldn't take more than 20 min. Here is a link to the video I created:
  2. 9mmbullitt

    Exhaust smell

    Edge was in the shop for 16 days. Ford told them to look for a oil leak...they said they found a slight leak from the oil pan, replaced the seal and tested. Exhaust smell was still there. Then Ford said to pull the rear bumper where there are 4 "vents" for release of cabin pressure, such as slamming the door, etc.. Ford sent them four new vents. They thought it was fixed. I took it for a test drive and after several stop light to stop light hard accelerations, smell was still there. They said to take the car and they would contact Ford again. Now just waiting for the next "fix" Ford tells them to do. Not happy!
  3. 9mmbullitt

    Exhaust smell

    I have a 2015 Edge Sport with an exhaust smell entering the cabin under hard acceleration. It has been at the dealer for a week. They said the TSB for this problem is for 2011 - 2014's and does not apply to the 2015's. Now it sits waiting for advice from Ford engineers. Not real pleased about this. If anyone else has this problem or has found a fix please post. I don't know if it is specific to the 2.7 Ecoboost which means it could be an issue with the turbo gases venting or the way the exhaust exits with the chrome trim rings or if it is a general Edge design problem not engine specific. Looking for answers.